22/09/2018 – Saturday Mornings…

When I’m switched on, I’ll spend my early Saturday mornings doing my body measurements. This includes my weight, body measurements, skin fold and the mirror. I take it all quite serious with what I do and today I have been digging through my old pictures for comparisons. I find a date and a shape I like, I check all my measurements, photos, nutrition for the day and so on. This morning I have stumbled across an old pic I like and compared it to todays pic, as a plant based diet eater… not really.

These pictures are actually 1 day apart. The one on the right was on a Sunday and the left was on the Monday. So I located my diet notes from that day to see why and what happened, so here it is. On the Saturday I had 381g of carbs and a net of 3,500calories. That’s a lot for me. On the Sunday I was still flat and I had just rolled out of bed. On the Monday I had been training and my carbs were making me look more full. Also the camera, lighting and so on worked in my advantage. The point is, if you don’t stay focused and eager to figure things out, you may not understand things and may not progress. I think with those 2 photos I could lure in the new comers and charge a few pound to tell them what they want to hear.

Only a few Spaces left now for natural transformations. Within 6 weeks you can see changes like this. (You get the point)

As everyone that follows me will now know that I’m on a plant based diet… I told you! So things are a little different now with goals and gains. I need another 6 weeks before I can see if consistency makes up for meat, dairy and fish. It’s interesting as I have broadened my knowledge, studied my training and mind, added a broader range of nutritious foods and stayed hungry. Just a few weeks/months left and I’ll know where I am. I know what I want by the way, that can go in another post later down the line. I’ll just stick to this at the moment and remind myself of how one picture can be so different to another and yet they are less than 24hours apart.

Don’t be fooled by good advertising, dig into the person you are investing not only your money into, but your life and future. If the person doesn’t have a background, just be cautious. Everyone in this day and age has some form of social media outlet or references that are easy to find. Think about it and go for it…

*rush job poster


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