30/12/2018 – End of year wrap up

As 2018 comes to and end, I would like to sit down for a short while and reminisce on what stand out points have happened this year in regards to my fitness journey. I thought it was a quiet year, yet it turns out to be one of the most important years to date.

In no particular order, here’s what’s been going on;

  • Changing my diet to a plant based diet
  • Attending a seminar at Dinos gym with Cedric Mcmillan
  • BodyPower and meeting some more pro bodybuilders as-well-as getting some more DVDS signed
  • Attending Cain Leathem seminar at Temple Gym
  • Meeting Eddie Hall at Bushbury Gym
  • Attending a Dorian Yates Seminar at Temple Gym
  • Invested in supplements to sell
  • Invested in my future with tools for the job (bands, bodyfat machine etc)
  • Joining a new gym and working from there
  • Invested in myself with qualifications

    Food and hygiene

      LV2 gym instructor

        LV2 indoor cycling instructor

          LV2 circuits instructor

            LV3 personal trainer

            Spending time with friends in the gym

            It’s been a great year when it comes to progression. I’ve finally passed my qualifications, which was a big thing I wanted to accomplish. My health is good and I’m in a good place physically.

            I’m not sure what 2019 is going bring, although I do know that the more I do next year, the more rewarding I will find it. I have some plans for 2019 and I have wrote them down. I’ll see how it plays out and that’s it for now.

            Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2019…


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