01/09/2020 – It’s been a while

Right where are we… SEPTEMBER! This year has gone fast despite all the unfortunate circumstances the world has been up against. It’s certainly been challenging for everyone in many different forms. I personally haven’t known anyone that has had the virus and for that I am thankful.

After a few months of not knowing what was going to happen and being locked down with the kids in the house, I naturally stopped being quite so active and fell in a bit of a slump. I still trained the best I could and religiously woke up and done a half hour walk on the treadmill. After a month or so I managed to pull my back whilst out on my bike and that set me back with weight training. Then I sprained my wrist and then my back again! I put this down to not using my body enough and so it started to get little niggles from sitting around too much. We are still in uncertain times, although we have to try and push forward where it is safe to do so.

I’m fortunate enough to have some good people around me and we have a tidy little gym we can use. I’ve been back training in the gym for around 2 weeks. I’m taking it nice and steady to ensure all my smaller muscles are ready for some heavier weights. I’ll give it another 2 weeks to allow my body to naturally get some strength back and then it’s on to what I enjoy doing, HIT!

I feel that the biggest area I need to work on are my legs. I don’t think physically I have lost too much strength, although mentally I feel I have been set back quite a bit. Again, given the circumstances and being fortunate enough to have pulled though it without falling into a depressive slump, is something I am again grateful for.

I hope to be working along side some great passionate people in the near future and from there I can continue to share my passion by helping others progress mentally and physically.

My personal goals at the moment are to lose around 7lb of fat and get my fitness/strength levels back up. From there I will continue to steadily lower my body fat and feel much more happy within myself. During lock down my diet has been good enough. My huge downfall was the sun, boredom and beer. Alcohol is the devil at times like this as it’s a short term fix. but long term it destroys you from inside out. I do enjoy a drink, I am just very aware of what it does to my body, it’s poison. I would say the vast majority of my weight gain is from beer alone. Although that wouldn’t be fair to assume this, as exercise has taken a back step too.

Ask yourself what your 4 week goal is. Write it down in stages. As an example for a 4lb weight drop over 4 weeks, break it down into smaller, achievable goals. If you were climbing a mountain and you look at the top, you would have to find a way off getting there and that will be in small stages and even little set backs. Ultimately you will reach the top and that’s where you aim to be. 


  • Week 1 – drop 1lb
  • Week 2 – drop 1lb
  • Week 3 – drop 1lb
  • Week 4 – drop 1lb

I hope to update my blog more over the coming weeks as I’ve been neglecting it and I shouldn’t as it’s my diary and a way of self reflecting.

Keep thriving, follow your desire and seemingly impossible things can be achieved!


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