10/05/2021 – Post Lockdown plans

What a crazy depressing year it has been for the majority!

Looking forward and pre planning my short and long term goals, I’m going to break down a few ways to show how I can make sure I keep myself motivated and progressing. I haven’t focused on just one goal, I’ve set up several. These will ultimately come together and make it feel more rewarding as I go along. I think it’s important to see progress and that’s why I plan on making small steps through several different ways.

Heres some of my goals;

1/ Beat my previous best of 11 days alcohol free. (Due to lockdown. Currently on 9 days. 11 will be easy now the gyms are open. Once I hit 11, everyday I can then count an extra day and use this as positive progress. I drank through boredom in the evening, nothing excessive)

2/ Clean my diet up. (This has been easy as I’ve simply prepped my meals. No alcohol means I don’t feel rough the next day and I can eat what I need to eat)

3/ Get my strength back. (Starting off with lower weights will allow me to progress. This will help my mental approach to monitoring my progression)

4/ Build my cardio up. (This will come with being more active and cycling to and from the gym)

5/ Drop my body fat. (This will happen as a by product of the above being on track)

6/ Improve my body composition. Take pictures and measurements every 2 weeks (this will go with the above)

7/ Spend more time on my social media or blog. (Surrounding myself with what I love doing)

Those are a few key things I think about and are consciously aware of. I use many other methods to make sure I can progress in at least 1 way. I don’t want to fail and I don’t want to feel disheartened. I’ve spent many years figuring out ways to keep focused and these are some of them. I will compose a more indepth post when I get the time, but for now, this is a start.

Keep motivated and keep pushing forward. Health, fitness and wellbeing is essential and after this intense lockdown, we can get back on track and look after the most important thing we own, ourselves.

Keep pushing…!