August Transformation 2013…


How did it go? 

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Week 3

Week 2

Week 1

I have been wanting to do this for months, but I didn’t want to stop everything day one and leave myself craving for food as I’m not mentally prepared to stick to my plans. I believe that I have a good enough diet now, so that I can try stripping the body fat and reach the next step of my journey. I am already dropping the body fat slowly and If I keep this up, I would be sub 15% body fat very soon.

Why have I chose August?

On the 1st of August I have a day that will change my training life forever. I will talk more about this soon. Knowing that I have this to look forward to, I am already doing my best that I can do inside and outside the gym to prepare myself mentally and physically. Also with Mr Olympia coming up at the end of September, I am very excited naturally and so my mind is fully focused on bodybuilding.

What if I fail?

I have tried a cutting diet before and it made me ill. I was eating completely the wrong foods and doing way to much cardio, it ended up making me really sick. I call this a lesson learnt though. Who knows how to do anything and what works personally for you if you don’t try it? I may come back here in a month and say that it’s one big failure and I feel gutted. Then I will look at my daily blog and find out exactly why I failed, then prepare to do it again next year, but by changing where I went wrong.


Just because I talk to myself on my blog and post lots of stuff doesn’t mean that I know how it all works. I’m simply blogging what I believe at this moment in time and one day I will look back and see what mistakes I have made and how to correct them. I also find that my blog keeps my head in the game and gives me a sense of achievement.

What are my plans exactly?

  • Blog daily with my food, sleep, training and other exercise.
  • Lose body fat
  • Gain knowledge of how my body works
  • Give myself an aim
  • To see how much I really want to bodybuild
  • To see how my body reacts to a little bit more stress and how my mind reacts to stress etc

How it is…

For the last 5 years I have been bettering myself, the key to this whole thing is to better myself! I agree that sounds very selfish, but how else am I going to change if it isn’t mainly for myself? I’m sitting here now in dire pain with my legs due to leg day Friday (Now Sunday) Why would I want to do that if it wasn’t for me? I have been bettering myself for years now and I will continue to do so.

When I look at bodybuilders or fitness people on the internet etc, I find myself useless as they look amazing. Then I have to sit back and look at what I have achieved and how far I have come. Then I feel motivated to keep pushing harder.

I’ve been telling myself that I will never get visible abs due to my beer belly. Going from a size 40inch belly to visible abs is just not going to happen in my head. I hope to prove myself wrong though and that’s what I am aiming for in August!

My Philosophy…

I started a good healthy diet 8 weeks before BodyPower and have kept that up without realising for over 4 months now. I’m hoping that this next step will stay with me and be another addition to my life rather than a short lived fad.

Can I Do It?

We will see! I don’t want to half a job it though and so I need to plan it carefully. I am planning this out in advance right now, by typing this and paying more attention to everything I do and eat.

Follow me on my journey and let’s see where it leads us…


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