Roberts Journey To NABBA -Back Training…

I have listened to the feedback from the people who have been kind enough to spend their time and report back with changes that I can make when recording/editing Roberts journey clips. I’m sure you will agree that the way I have put this video together keeps it short, inspiring, motivating, informative and enjoyable. There is still plenty off room for change and you will see this over the coming weeks. 

The following video is from a fly on the wall perspective as Robert trains back with his training partner…

IMG_2585 IMG_2565 IMG_2550


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12 Weeks Out… Week 11 Video – Quads

Here’s week 11 of Roberts journey to his first competition in April. At the age of 59, Robert is preparing hard for this competition, you can’t help but feel inspired and motivated from following his journey. Watch Robert put his quads through an intense workout which leaves him struggling to stand up and then listen to the discussion with tips for his preparation over thee next 11 weeks.

Julian (the gym owner and trainer) has plenty of experience when it comes to training on a professional level. Here’s a pic of him on stage…


I have enjoyed recording and editing this video. The knowledge and level that I need to train when I eventually want to compete is shown here. I did train at a higher level last week doing quads with Julian and it wasn’t very nice*… although I am prepared to do what it takes when the time comes for me to compete.

*Painful, yet very rewarding.

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Want inspiration? here it is…

Short version

Full version

12 Weeks Out… (Roberts First Competition)

I have mentioned a few times in my recent posts that I have something coming up fitness related and here is a quick run down of what’s going on over the next 12 weeks.

After being at the new gym for a month, I got talking to the owner about a guy who is going in for his first competition and would I be interested in helping them out recording bits and taking photos. Clearly I jumped to the chance of having a no pressure opportunity to see the side of bodybuilding that I have never seen before.

The idea is simple, I go once a week around the same day each week and take what videos I can, as-well-as a few photos to monitor Roberts progression and condition over the next 12 weeks leading up to April’s competition. Robert is 59 and going for his first competition, this is very inspiring and gives me hope that one day I will hopefully be able to compete. I started quite late and so in theory, I have enough time to knuckle down and work towards a final goal of competing and winning. (Obviously I want to go to win)

Please remember that I have only been going to the gym for a month and I have never met these chaps before. I have no idea if they will shout at me to get out the way or if they will encourage me to do what I need to do etc. Stay tuned for next weeks episode as this one was more to test the water and familiarise myself with what I needed to do. Personally, I feel that you will enjoy this and I hope it motivates you too.

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Here’s week 12…