15/05/2017 – Generation Iron 2 Premiere – BodyPower – Training

Generation Iron 2 was the first part to the weekend and it was a great way to start Bodypower off…

We attended the movie premiere of Generation Iron 2 on the Friday night and were fortunate enough to see the stars on the red carpet and get to watch a Q&A session with them and then go to the iMax cinema to watch the first screening of Generation Iron 2. It was a great experience in and around the cinema, as the athletes were wondering around like humans and it sort of bridged the gap of ‘celebrity’ and ‘normal people’.







Bodypower 2017




Temple Gym – Legs


**The bit with hamstring curls was banter**


24/03/2017 – Kickboxing

I’ve been very interested in a fighting art for most of my life. I’ve had a few dabbles on the punch bag and have attended a few kickboxing classes over the last couple of years, but I have never been able to take it as serious as I would have like to. The wife has been kickboxing for a couple of years and has her purple belt. She is going for her brown next week and I watched progress so much over the last 2 years, it has been something quite remarkable. Her body movements and flexibility has come on so much since she started and I can remember quite clearly helping her to squat at home a few years back and her body mechanics simply wouldn’t allow her to squat.

Last year when I cut out meat and fish, I sort of accepted that I’m in a good place with my body and mind. I could maintain or progress at my own rate without feeling pressured into steroids and so on. I’ve always carved my own path with whatever I do and Kickboxing is something I really want to invest my time into. I already know everything in life is challenging when it’s new and I also know that if I dedicate myself to something I can do it.

Here’s a video from many years ago when I first started lifting weights.

This was after I had already accomplished my goal of dropping over 3 stone of body fat. Perhaps I should have been satisfied with my body then, but I wasn’t, I still craved to improve myself. I eventually kept pushing myself and went for a natural bodybuilding show. I didn’t enjoy it down to the lack of planning before hand as I had 2 weeks to get my competition membership, pants, learn a posing routine and so on. I sort of realised that if the peak of bodybuilding is being on stage, then I don’t have much interest in the end goal.

I haven’t looked at that above video for years and now I have skipped through it, I can see just how much interest and passion I had in changing my physique. Let’s be honest and realistic, I knew nothing back then, yet I thought a few bicep curls and whatever else would make me like the folk in magazines. I didn’t understand steroids or what it actually takes. Remember that I had worked hard to change my diet, stop drinking alcohol and to actually get up and try to exercise.

Right, Kickboxing… I almost feel that I have to justify myself and use myself as an example to prove to myself that I can achieve anything If I am serious about it and concentrate on my goals. I’ve had a few spaced out training sessions with Gary and I really enjoy it. It’s very taxing on the cardiovascular system and I feel bodybuilding has been able to build up my strength and endurance over the years. My flexibility is no where near how it can be and I have no doubt I will be able to accomplish and progress in this are over time If I put the effort into it.

I’m still obsessed with bodybuilding, I could never give up trying to lift as heavy as I can, however I know I can progress in different aspects of life too. We have recently moved to a gym which caters a bit more for kickboxing or at least has a good heavy bag, some pads and a fair size room to move about. It’s an Hammer strength gym and has some good quality machines in there for weightlifting/bodybuilding.

Three things I want to be good at before I die, a physique that I’m contempt with, a fighting art and a dance style. Yoga and such will fit in with these things as I have to use my body in completely different ways for balance etc.

So, I’ve rambled on enough and here’s a video of where I am now. In a years time and lots of effort I hope to have make significant improvements. I will also watch myself. just as I did with bodybuilding and study myself until I can put it all together. Instructions are confusing at this stage…

02/02/2017 – London Real – Dorian Yates ‘Inside The Shadow’ BAFTAs

Thursday night we went to London to see the London Real World Premier of
Dorian Yates – Inside The Shadow

Dorian Yates – Inside The Shadow at BAFTA.
Online Release Coming Soon: https://londonreal.tv/dorian-yates-inside-the-shadow 👀

Posted by London Real on Tuesday, 7 February 2017

As many of you will already know, Dorian has previously met up with London Real and published two podcasts/interviews that have sort of shook the bodybuilding and spiritual world. Everyone knows that Dorian Yates holds the crown for winning the prestigious Mr Olympia competition six times running, through the years of 1992 to 1997. In 1997 he retired from competitive bodybuilding and took a completely different path of life that has slowly led him to the spiritual person he is now.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you are in for a treat. Grab a protein shake or a ‘joint’ and click the links below…

So now you have some sort of an idea of how this is going and what it is about, part 3 goes even deeper into Dorian’ life and he holds no punches during the whole documentary. I’m not going to spoil the film for you, however I will share a few points with you that can be quite controversial to some that don’t quite understand the journey he has took.

Dorian trains Brian Rose (Real London) at the beginning of the film. I should add that legs were on the agenda for the poor chap. Dorian pushed him past his comfort zone to show him how much potential he has and how the power of the brain must be utilised to push past the physical torture and put the muscle under enough stress to break it down. Which it will then be repaired through rest and correct nutrition.

It gets a bit worse than just training legs though, as Dorian then takes Brian on a killer bike ride and Brian, being very fit and healthy, manages to keep up with Dorian and obviously this takes extreme effort and mental programming to accomplish such a journey with legs like lead after the HIT leg day.

Depending on how you look at it and what experience you have with Yoga, Dorian and Brian spent time with Dorian’ Yoga teacher and this takes a completely different approach to squatting 600lb. I don’t personally practice Yoga yet, so I can’t comment on how it is different to lifting weights, but a very basic understanding tell me that it’s a more spiritual exercise that requires a relaxed body and mind, rather than a killer mutant violent attitude.

One of the biggest things Dorian has spoke about in recent years is his spiritual path. He believes in the healing properties of Cannabis and medicines such as Ayahuasca, when done in the right way. I don’t want to touch on this much as it’s a very interesting part of the film and you need to watch it yourself to understand how these natural remedies can open your mind and help you realise that most of the modern world is bullsh*t.



Dorian also opens up about his life after Bodybuilding and how he went through a mentally challenging time. Again, this is something you need to watch to understand and feel his connection to it. One of the important focus points Dorian is trying to make through the London Real interviews, is what he calls ‘The Domino Effect’. Simply put, this is when you share positive vibes with others and they then go and pass that on to others. It’s a very simple concept, so why do people struggle to do this…

Once the film was over, me, my wife and 2 friends were up until 3am putting the world to right.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you and that’s why I have briefly passed on key segments of the documentary. There’s some ups and downs, tears and laughter along the way and there is something for everyone to relate to. Once London Real have released the documentary on their website, I will do a more detailed post on what I found very interesting and that will be a long post…

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The night was fantastic and very well thought out. It was a red carpet, suit and boot event with champagne and no expense spared. It was certainly an incredible honour to go along and find out more about one of the most influential people in my life.


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