NABBA MAY 2015 Videos

Here’s a playlist from all the videos that I managed to record at NABBA 2015 Barry


For a laugh and see how I stood up with pressure I had a bit of fun with Rob on stage with our tops off. It felt good to be fair, just a little disorientating as the lights are bright and it’s very noisy. It was great fun though!

NABBA MAY 2014 – Videos + Pics

Clearly the most important one for me. Following robs journey has been a great opportunity for me to gain knowledge and gain a good friend.

Well done to everyone!

First Timers

Over 50s

Over 40s

 Justin trollopewpid-img_0759.jpg wpid-img_0758.jpg wpid-img_0757.jpg wpid-img_0756.jpg wpid-img_0755.jpg wpid-img_0754.jpg wpid-img_0753.jpg wpid-img_0752.jpg wpid-img_0751.jpg wpid-img_0750.jpg wpid-img_0749.jpg wpid-img_0748.jpg wpid-img_0747.jpg wpid-img_0746.jpg wpid-img_0745.jpg wpid-img_0744.jpg wpid-img_0743.jpg wpid-img_0742.jpg wpid-img_0741.jpg wpid-img_0740.jpg wpid-img_0739.jpg wpid-img_0738.jpg


wpid-img_0737.jpg wpid-img_0736.jpg wpid-img_0735.jpg wpid-img_0734.jpg wpid-img_0733.jpg wpid-img_0732.jpg wpid-img_0731.jpg

Robert wpid-img_0728.jpgwpid-img_0730.jpg wpid-img_0729.jpg

wpid-img_0726.jpg wpid-img_0725.jpg wpid-img_0724.jpg

Renzo Algieri