Weight Update Week 4

This week is my forth week of giving everything I can to reach my goal. I have done everything that I set out to do over these four weeks and I can happily say that I did it. My original idea was to start cutting in March. This would give me 10 weeks to cut till May and May is just the month of what I have my goals aimed for, just like I did last year.

I started my cutting a little early as I want to start if off slow and then put more effort in and change things around a little bit as I go along. These four weeks have proven that I am not going to have to change my diet much from what it is now, when March comes around. I will carry on exactly what I have been doing for the last 4 weeks and hopefully I will continue to drop the body fat in a sensible manner.

I have allowed myself a tiny bit of room for changes and the most obvious one would be calorie counting the exact daily macros that I am consuming. I really don’t feel that I need to do this just yet and my results are showing some small but good changes.

I have compared my first photos from mid January to now and I am definitely on target and I can see that I am changing, as well as working towards my goal. My current body fat measured on the Boots* machine gives me a reading of 14% body fat. This is only the second time in my life that I have been below the 15% body fat mark!


I am very pleased with myself and knew that I would not be sitting here typing this without seeing some results. The effort I have put in has been exceptional, diet wise and cardio wise, in my opinion (with my knowledge). I guess it all comes down to how much effort you are willing to put into it, to get what you want out of it.

My changes from August to now have been very good looking at my older blogs and comparing them. I have a private blog on here that I have uploaded my weekly pictures on and I will release that May once I am am satisfied with my progress and goal.

I think it is safe to say that I am now in the best shape of my life and I have 10-12 weeks left of progressing much further. Next week will be a big week as that is when I wanted to officially start my cut for May.

Here’s this weeks stats…


  • 12st8lb

Body Fat

  1. 12mm
  2. 14mm
  3. 20mm

Overall… 13% body fat estimate.


Keep pushing…

*I never rely on the Boots machine.


Let’s Talk Fat…

Right let’s try this again after accidentally deleting it all…

I made a post yesterday saying that I was exactly the same weight yesterday as I was when I first started to drop the body fat a month ago. I weigh myself at Boots each week to just have something very simple to go by and then I weigh myself and measure myself every week at home to have something a little bit more accurate to go by.

The Boots machine was telling me I have put on fat since I started and also told me I was the same weight as when I started. I spent ages yesterday feeling disheartened and looking into ways I could change things around to help me accomplish my goal. I did figure out a few things whilst looking for answers and this was great as it broadens my knowledge.

I have just been deleting loads of junk from my desktop, when I stumbled across some pictures that I took on the 15th January 2014. Comparing these pictures I can see small changes going on with my body. I have lost body fat and this is quite clear from comparing the 2 pictures. There is no need to post them here yet as the changes are quite minimal, on the other hand I am in the process of making a long private blog post that I will be keeping private till May. This will have my pictures on from over the weeks and I hope it will look like how I can picture it in my head.

All I really wanted to blog was the fact that if you have started a New Year Resolution which involves fitness, do not be disheartened if you have not lost any weight at all! You can turn body fat into muscle which will be more dense, but weigh the same. This will leave you slimmer, yet the same weight. My advice to anyone is for you to take pictures of yourself in the same spot and same lighting every week and hide them away. Do not look at them every week as the changes wont be noticeable. Give them a month apart and see if there are any noticeable changes going on. stick with it and don’t rely on weighing scales or that boots machine!

I made this video first thing this morning…


Week 3 Weight Update… 15/02/14


According to this, my body fat has gone up and my overall weight is about the same. I know this isn’t true down to my own monitoring with skin fold callipers, a measuring tape and a mirror. I have lost an inch on my stomach and I can see slight positive changes around my stomach, granted it’s only very slightly, but it’s in the right direction.

The body weight not dropping could be down to hydration, clothing, muscle gained and all manners of other things. I really don’t care about my overall weight, I care about my fat percentage. I would be happy with a body weight of 20 stone and 10% body fat, weight is not what I want to lose, it’s the fat.

I will continue what I am doing now and completely re-asses everything March 1st. I will rework all my figures to make sure my macro break down is correct for what I want to achieve. Personally I feel that I am on the right track with a nice steady fat loss. It’s far to early to tell from just 3 weeks of changing things around, 5 weeks will give me a better idea of where I’m going. I can go on a very low carb and fat intake with more cardio at the end of april if need be, but I need to realise what my goal is…

My goal is to look my best for May. I also need to feel alive and strong though. If it’s me losing fat and feeling ill due to my diet, that would be absolutely pointless! This is to test my discipline levels, my knowledge on food, training and so on.

I will get to where I want to be for May! I just need to keep it steady and concentrate on how I need to do it. I hope to surprise myself with the effort I will put into reaching my goal.

I genuinely believe that if I can reach my target for May, I can achieve anything with my body that I set out to do. If I fail down to my own lack of discipline, I then know this isn’t for me. That will not happen though!!! – I want to do it, it would be different if I had to do it because someone forced me in to it.

Morning measurements


  • 12st 9lb

Skin fold (mm)-

  1. 11 chest
  2. 15 stomach
  3. 20 leg

Belly size

  • 32 inch

Justifying myself…

During typing this up I decided to do my body fat test a different way. I have tried another way and my body fat comes out at 16-17%. I can see that I have been trying to find ways of making excuses up for my body fat to make it lower than my previous week. I need to stop doing this and focus on where I really want to be and not lying to myself about it. It takes time and I know that. I need to just focus…

I know I’m on the right track… 

Gym, Weight, Ramble…

It’s already been a month that has passed at the new gym and we feel really settled now. We are pushing each other as hard as we can during each training session together and have learnt a lot of things too.

I have weighed myself today and compared my pictures from August (which is when I decided to try and do my first cut) Personally I feel that I am in a better starting position than back then, even though I have just been on my bulking months. This last week I have knuckled down and got my diet on track as-well-as adding some light walking pace cardio to my daily routine.

I hate cardio and that’s the truth. I try to do 1 hour a day walking on the treadmill at home whilst listening to my music and after having my Black Bombs fat burner. I have only been changing things around since last Sunday, so I don’t expect any difference yet, which is quite obvious. I do however feel that at the end of February if I can give it 100% like I have this week, I will be able to see a slight improvement from today. I’m keeping my expectations low and I will do my very best to battle through any rough patches I come across and reach my goal.

I’m currently at 12st 12Lb and  16.8% body fat.(according to Boots) I hope to lose 4-6lb in February and drop my body fat closer to the 15% mark, ready to battle on to 10% as a goal.

Why does it take me a month to lose just 4lb?

I can lose 4lb in a day if I dehydrate myself and eat salads all day (And I have proven this several times in the past) The idea is to maintain as much of the little muscle and strength that I have through my cutting months. I want to drop 4lb of fat and not 4lb of muscle.

What about the new gym? 

Everything is positive about the new gym and that’s the short of it. Top quality equipment with a mixed level community. There are people who are going into competition and people that are new to gyms. (My wife is one of the new people to the gym) Having people around me who are into Bodybuilding helps me push harder. It’s good to see the different techniques people use and this broadens my knowledge and also gives me different ways to work my muscles.

One down side to my old gym was the way people would pick up on me every time I tried to lose body fat. They would say I was losing to much fat meaning I’d lose to much strength. I can understand what they were saying, but they couldn’t understand I didn’t want all that fat on me. The new gym gaffa has a completely different approach and will help every member individually if you would like him to help you.

I know the new gym has helped me improve, as I know the exercises are hitting the muscle I want them to reach. As I only worked with free weights in the old gym. I now have access to machines that are easier on my lower back and easier on my body as a whole. If I do want to use free weights, I still have access to a very larger variety of dumbbells, barbells and plates. It’s a win win situation in every aspect joining the new gym.

We have something that I find very exciting coming up this Monday. I’ll be sure to update you with that as long as it goes ahead. Unforeseen circumstances can’t be helped if they crop up, touch wood they wont though.

BodyPower 2014

I have this as my short term target to cut my body fat down as much as I need to and to look my very best so far. If I were to lose 4lb per month from now till May and maintain what little muscle I have, I’m sure I will have a low enough body fat percentage to see my abs. Seeing my abs has been a dream of mine for years, I’ve said it’s impossible all those years too. It’s time to stop saying it’s impossible and work harder to get them. No more excuses!!!

Progress pics

At the moment there are no progress pics as I have a lot to work on. I have took pictures today and I will take them every weekend until I feel the need to put them up on here with some noticeable progress. I will post them all at the end (Hopefully end of February) showing you how I have got on week- by-week along with any progress that has been made. I do want to share everything I do with my readers on here, just so they can have some sort of an idea of how my journey is going and hopefully inspire someone.

I’ve said it several times before that I never speak out of arrogance when I show my progress or make goals. I simply have a passion for what I do and I just love doing it! I love the training, I love the challenging nutritional side of things, I love the people I have met along the way, I love the pain, I love the changes, I love my body!*

*Just to clarify, ‘I love my body’. I don’t mean I love my body in the way that I think I’m good, I simply love my body as I care for it and want it to be healthy, strong and always progressing to when I visualise myself to be. I love my body and that’s why I try to care for it and it is by far the most important thing that I have in my life, without my body, I simply wouldn’t exist. I never used to love my body and that’s why I was unhealthy and obese. I was going down a slippery slope as I hated it and simply didn’t want to do anything to make it better… till one day when I started this long, winding journey. (I hate putting stuff like this, but I feel that I need to as I don’t want to come over as arrogant) I also understand that once I reach my goal and give it 100% of my effort, I may then look into other paths to full fill my dream.



My Daily Macro Split

Everything here will be changing week by week to suit me. It is also to the best of my knowledge at the moment and the most in-depth and serious I have looked into my daily split. If you are a nutritionist then you will read this and probably tell me it is completely wrong. Please don’t sit back and let that happen. Please drop me a message in the comments section if you can help.

Here is something that I have looked into, nothing is 100% right as I’m learning as I go along.

*I have looked back at my last attempt at cutting and I strongly believe that I was dropping the weight too fast. this time I hope to drop just 1lb per week over the next 4 weeks and then re-evaluate everything again. My target month to drop the body fat is May, I was planning on starting my cut in March. I am giving myself this month to get a step ahead and to also allow a nice slow and steady cut rather than a rapid weight loss which will lead to fatigue and strength loss. At this moment in time, I am using my last cut as an example and taking the good parts from it whilst changing the bad parts. I will weigh myself every Sunday and check where I am. One thing I do know is that I am 100% focused and I will reach my short term goal* – Stay Positive

12 calories per 1 lb body weight for a male. (For cutting)

10 calories per 1 lb body weight for a woman. (For cutting)

  • (Weight) x 12 = Calories per day for a man
  • (Weight = 178lb) x 12 = 2136

2136 calories + 3 hours of light exercise per week = 2400 calories over the day.

2400 to maintain – 200 to cut = 2200 calories per day

My split is 40/40/20

  • 40% Protein
  • 40% Carbs
  • 20% Fat


Daily Protein is 1-1.5g per pound of bodyweight

178lb x 1.5g = 267g per day (I’m going for 250g per day)

  • 1g of Protein has 4 calories*
  • 1g of Fat has 9 calories **
  • 1g of Carbs has 4 calories***

250g protein x 4 calories* = 1000 calories per day


20% of 2200 calories per day = 440 calories / 9** = 48g fat per day.


1000 protein calories + 440 Fat calories = 1440calories.

2200 daily calories – 1440 = 760 / 4*** = 190g per day


  • 1000 calories protein
  • 440 calories fat
  • 760 calories carbs

2200 in total

I will tweak it as I go along, but the main reason for noting this down is the fact that I have had to remember it and study it as I’ve gone along. This helps me remember the equations for working out my daily calories and my marco breakdown. I hope to get all my calories from healthy foods across 6 meals throughout the day.

  • 41g protein per meal¬
  • 8g fat per meal¬
  • 31g carbs per meal¬


I did a test run today to get an idea of my daily macro split. I pre made my meals as I would normally and then weighed them to see how my far my estimation is off the daily macros I have set myself. With the macros I have set myself, I am pleased to say that I have almost got my macro split perfect without needing to use any help from calorie counters/apps etc.



Just because my macro split is almost spot on, my calories show that I am over by a 200 approximately. This is not an issue as I have not put my daily activities into account. I also know that it is not accurate down to the fact that I left some of my dinner. It’s all a rule of thumb that I am learning to understand and I will have it perfect within a few days. I will have it right as I will spend the time to get it right.

I’m going to leave it there for now and I will re check it all again tomorrow and edit it if need be. Do not copy this as it’s for my reference and I’d hate you to copy it and I later find out it’s all wrong. 

Just Weighting… (updated)

I am just waiting to get myself weighed when we go out in a hour. I have not tried to drop the body fat this week, I have just continued as I left off. I know I’m close and I know I’m getting there, regardless to what a few numbers say on the scales. (Insurance sentence until I accomplish my goal) I have tried to drop below 15% before by starving myslef and thinking I’m doing it right.


Here’s part 1 –


Part 2 –

I am very happy with my accomplishment! This goal has been something I have tried to work towards for well over 5 years. I would certainly be confident to say that I have never been under 15% in my adult life and maybe even through my teens. I have tried several ways of dieting before and I have always failed, often quite drastic with sickness etc.

I have now found that the easiest way to drop body fat is thorough nutrition and fortunately I have blogged all my daily intake down to the gram and therefore I have my own personal master plan of how to drop the body fat in the future.

What am I going to do now?

I will spend a good amount of time looking at my nutrition from the last month and see what I can change and add to it. I want to put on more muscle mass and I have to learn the foods to bulk as clean as possible. The last thing I want to do it feel mentally insecure about where I’m going. This time next year I will have some good solid platforms to follow from my own trial and errors. I will blog all my major diet changes and therefore be able to look back and see what works for me.

My strength has dropped a fair bit, but so has my fat. Mentally, the fat is by far the biggest challenge and accomplishment out of the two and losing fat was the whole idea 5 years ago.

My biggest reason for success is down to me wanting to do it and failing many, many times before! My reason for finally getting what I want is down to the fact that I have got back up and tried several times to do it again. Writing this I feel proud and why shouldn’t I be? I feel that I now have control over my body and this will lead me to all sorts accomplishments!

Why the big deal?

Just think where you have come from and the fact you have pushed and pushed till you reached what you wanted! OR don’t ask such stupid questions to yourself!

Ok, my short term plan is to get some good solid information noted down on my next step which is to gain muscle mass whilst staying as lean as possible. I will figure it out through whatever means necessary!

I also need to remind myself that I have gained strength and size compared to when I lifted my first weight and also that I am heavier, yet I have a lower body fat percentage now.


chest now

Just whilst I remember… I can now see muscles working under my skin when doing exercises. I can feel my quads through my fat and I can definitely feel some upper abs developing through the fat that is left. My shoulder exercises are the best to show up definition. (Just a positive note, I know I am still small)

If it takes time, let it take time, just keep focus…

Pre Workout Bits… (Weight)

I have weighed myself at Boots and I have 15.2% body fat. I am going to jump for joy when I go below 15% as that will be the lowest I have ever been in all my adult life! I’m looking to go much lower than 15%, but that target is so close that I can push harder knowing this target can easily be achieved!

This is really exciting for me and I am so close to reaching the first goal!


 I have a few more posts to blog later on with how I’m getting on…

Latest Weight Update (Pics)

My latest weight update looks good…

I feel that I need to say that I don’t trust these things much and I prefer to look in the mirror or lift weights to see how I am progressing. I know I am on the right track without this, but here it is anyway.

I look at the first one (far left) which was a similar weight to the last one (far right), although the last one shows that I have lost 2kg* of body fat and maintained my overall weight of 84kg*. It also shows at the bottom that I have lost 2kg* of body fat which fits in perfect with the weight I have lost.

Comparing the 2 outer ones to the middle one shows that I have lost 3kg* of fat and 3kg* of overall weight which fits in good with my fat loss and not muscle loss.

If the middle one showed that I had lost 3kg* overall weight but only 2kg* of fat, then I would say I am losing muscle too. I have all the weigh-ins that I have taken from the last 2 years and this is shown quite clearly.                                        weight

For example. The picture below shows that I have maintained my overall weight, but I have lost 3kg* of body fat. As I have lost 3kg* of fat, but maintained my overall weight, this means I have gained 3kg* elsewhere, which is muscle.


This is what I am aiming for and I sure I am on a the right path with nutrition and my workouts. This is quite exciting for me and this is why I have to take note on my blog so I know when, how and why my body is changing.

Screenshot (89)


*This is to the best of my knowledge*

On the right path…

My Journey So Far… (Pics and Progress)

I’m not sure where I’m going with this post so please bear with me, I’m just going to ramble…

Four years ago I was clinically obese, unhealthy, unfit and just useless. I decided I needed to change my life when our second daughter came along. I wanted to be a dad that my children could be proud of healthwise.

Anyway this was around my peak of 15 stone of fat, four years ago.


(I will never have arms that big again) 😛

I went on a diet and got down to 11 stone 6 pound after a year of calorie cutting and jogging. Problem was, I just lost the fat and then looked too thin and I didn’t like that. When I was obese I thought I was big, my head told me that I was muscular and bigger than all the other men. I guess I was big though, in a size 40 inch jeans, that is big, big as in obese!

This is what I looked like on the day I decided to change my mind and body by lifting weights.


Chest tense2

I knew I was thin and I knew I needed to gain some muscle mass. I thought back then that lifting weights would gain muscle and I would see some big changes over the coming weeks. I was taking pictures on a weekly basis and did this for a few months. I had absolutely no clue about diet or how to build muscle, but I tried. The first year I was at home working out. I ate three big meals a day. My main meal was pasta with cheese. I thought that would bulk me up quickly as it had lots of carbs in. Obviously I was wrong.

I managed to find a gym in June 2011 and started working out there. I had to learn everything new and started right back at the beginning. I still didn’t understand the diet and I have only just started understanding the basics in the last year and I have only just started putting it into practice over the last few months. I now eat 6 meals a day, I understand the body can only consume 50g of protein per sitting and the body only stores protein for around 2-3 hours meaning that I need to keep it topped up within this time. I also understand the importance of fruit and veg, the difference between ‘basic and complex carbs’ and how important sleep is.

Since I joined the gym I have never slept for over two hours without waking up, as I started the gym 2 weeks before my boy was born. Just because I couldn’t sleep though doesn’t mean I couldn’t educate myself on nutrition and how to build muscle. (How do you educate yourself when you don’t know where or what to look at though?) I have watched tons of DVD’s and read lots of books. They all have the basic principles, ‘Nutrition, Intensity, Sleep’.

The last month or two, our son has started sleeping through the night, my diet is very good and my intensity has stepped up a lot. I always weight lifted, but now I bodybuild, I feel that I have a connection between my mind and the muscle I want to work.

My wife lifts weights too and if she didn’t, I wouldn’t have the same heart I do for the sport.  We bounce ideas off each other and support each other the best we can.

Here’s a pic of what I was like around 6 weeks ago when I started my 6 meals a day and some intense training…


I had a bit of fun last night and tried out some of that bronzer that they use for competitions. I will emphasize that it was just for fun and I have a very long way to go!


I can see that I have dropped some fat naturally by eating healthy. This was the aim and I can also see just how much fat can change the look of my body. I also did a video of my back as I have never saw my back and that is also coming along… slowly. Everyday I am learning more and I am going in the right direction. The more I learn, the better I will get, it’s just going to take time.

My next aim is to train with Dorian Yates and Temple Gym Birmingham. I hope to sort that out in the next month. The knowledge I will get from that in just one hour will be more than I have learnt in the 3 years I have been on this journey!

I always hear people saying, “If I can do, it anyone can”. I always though that was complete and utter rubbish as they have super genetics. I now know that if I can do it anyone can! Who knows about their genetics until till they try? Who knows what they can accomplish if they don’t try? Why would you want to dream about it for years and not try? (I have tried it many time in my life, I just didn’t dedicate myself to it till now)

I still have people say to me now that they look weak and want to lift, but BUT BUT BUT BUT… There’s no BUT, do it! Make excuses all you want, fail yourself. You need to give yourself a kick up the back side and do it!!!

No one has time,  BUT make time. Turn off the TV, put the game down, go to bed half hour later, sort out your diet! If you want to do it you can, stop making up excuses!!! Press ups, sit ups, pull ups and squats can be done in 15 min!

(The ending was a bit of a motivational speech, I am far from able to preach, but I will try to help anyone who will listen)

Three months ago I was calling out for inspiration and people to follow/discuss ideas with. I  am now surrounded by fitness and it makes a big difference to my mind!

More we get onboard the easier it is…

Measurements and Weight 31/12/12

On the 31st of August I did a full body measurement with weighing scales, skin fold clippers and a tape measure. It has now been four months to the day and so I will do it again, mainly for a reference for when I do it again in one year time.

Click for August weigh-in

Here is some stats for today…

September and December



August 2012


December 31st 2012


I think that is all I need for now. Nothing is exact, but it’s close enough for me. I don’t need to do this as I know I’m progressing in the right way, but nothing shows it quite like numbers.

Happy new year to you all!

Onwards and outwards…