Gym, Weight, Ramble…

It’s already been a month that has passed at the new gym and we feel really settled now. We are pushing each other as hard as we can during each training session together and have learnt a lot of things too.

I have weighed myself today and compared my pictures from August (which is when I decided to try and do my first cut) Personally I feel that I am in a better starting position than back then, even though I have just been on my bulking months. This last week I have knuckled down and got my diet on track as-well-as adding some light walking pace cardio to my daily routine.

I hate cardio and that’s the truth. I try to do 1 hour a day walking on the treadmill at home whilst listening to my music and after having my Black Bombs fat burner. I have only been changing things around since last Sunday, so I don’t expect any difference yet, which is quite obvious. I do however feel that at the end of February if I can give it 100% like I have this week, I will be able to see a slight improvement from today. I’m keeping my expectations low and I will do my very best to battle through any rough patches I come across and reach my goal.

I’m currently at 12st 12Lb and  16.8% body fat.(according to Boots) I hope to lose 4-6lb in February and drop my body fat closer to the 15% mark, ready to battle on to 10% as a goal.

Why does it take me a month to lose just 4lb?

I can lose 4lb in a day if I dehydrate myself and eat salads all day (And I have proven this several times in the past) The idea is to maintain as much of the little muscle and strength that I have through my cutting months. I want to drop 4lb of fat and not 4lb of muscle.

What about the new gym? 

Everything is positive about the new gym and that’s the short of it. Top quality equipment with a mixed level community. There are people who are going into competition and people that are new to gyms. (My wife is one of the new people to the gym) Having people around me who are into Bodybuilding helps me push harder. It’s good to see the different techniques people use and this broadens my knowledge and also gives me different ways to work my muscles.

One down side to my old gym was the way people would pick up on me every time I tried to lose body fat. They would say I was losing to much fat meaning I’d lose to much strength. I can understand what they were saying, but they couldn’t understand I didn’t want all that fat on me. The new gym gaffa has a completely different approach and will help every member individually if you would like him to help you.

I know the new gym has helped me improve, as I know the exercises are hitting the muscle I want them to reach. As I only worked with free weights in the old gym. I now have access to machines that are easier on my lower back and easier on my body as a whole. If I do want to use free weights, I still have access to a very larger variety of dumbbells, barbells and plates. It’s a win win situation in every aspect joining the new gym.

We have something that I find very exciting coming up this Monday. I’ll be sure to update you with that as long as it goes ahead. Unforeseen circumstances can’t be helped if they crop up, touch wood they wont though.

BodyPower 2014

I have this as my short term target to cut my body fat down as much as I need to and to look my very best so far. If I were to lose 4lb per month from now till May and maintain what little muscle I have, I’m sure I will have a low enough body fat percentage to see my abs. Seeing my abs has been a dream of mine for years, I’ve said it’s impossible all those years too. It’s time to stop saying it’s impossible and work harder to get them. No more excuses!!!

Progress pics

At the moment there are no progress pics as I have a lot to work on. I have took pictures today and I will take them every weekend until I feel the need to put them up on here with some noticeable progress. I will post them all at the end (Hopefully end of February) showing you how I have got on week- by-week along with any progress that has been made. I do want to share everything I do with my readers on here, just so they can have some sort of an idea of how my journey is going and hopefully inspire someone.

I’ve said it several times before that I never speak out of arrogance when I show my progress or make goals. I simply have a passion for what I do and I just love doing it! I love the training, I love the challenging nutritional side of things, I love the people I have met along the way, I love the pain, I love the changes, I love my body!*

*Just to clarify, ‘I love my body’. I don’t mean I love my body in the way that I think I’m good, I simply love my body as I care for it and want it to be healthy, strong and always progressing to when I visualise myself to be. I love my body and that’s why I try to care for it and it is by far the most important thing that I have in my life, without my body, I simply wouldn’t exist. I never used to love my body and that’s why I was unhealthy and obese. I was going down a slippery slope as I hated it and simply didn’t want to do anything to make it better… till one day when I started this long, winding journey. (I hate putting stuff like this, but I feel that I need to as I don’t want to come over as arrogant) I also understand that once I reach my goal and give it 100% of my effort, I may then look into other paths to full fill my dream.




Cutting and General Ramble

I was planning on changing my diet around at the end of February, but I have started now instead. I understand that bulking is an essential part to building muscle and gaining strength, yet I feel the need to start cutting now. Or at least sort my diet out.

Why now?

I have a great philosophy that involves the mind. I strongly believe that if I want to change my body and I have enough passion to do so, I’m confident enough to say that I will succeed without having to stress myself out too much.

Over Christmas I was enjoying little treats like pop tarts, bowls of cereal and little things like that. I wanted them and had them. Now I want to drop the body fat and so my diet has to change along with a little bit of light cardio added into my daily routine.

Through the winter I never did cardio as I didn’t want to and I know mentally that I didn’t need to, as I was doing enough general exercise throughout the day. If I did try and do cardio over the bulking months, I would have done half a job and really have to force myself to do it, therefore hating it!

Now I have a mind set of cutting the body fat, I don’t even have to think about doing the cardio or eating healthy. My body is almost like it is on auto pilot. When Its time to eat (every 2-3 hours) my mind takes me to the right foods that I require to reach my goal. It’s almost like I can’t see junk food and the only food I can see is what I need. (at the moment)

I know that sounds a bit crazy, but I’m a very strong believer in the fact that I can do what I need to do as long as I plan ahead. I don’t think I could bring myself to eating junk at the moment no matter how hard I try, I just really couldn’t do it.

It’s too early

I’ve been thinking about this and I keep saying that it’s too early to cut.

How can it be to early to cut? What am I cutting for? Myself!

I can understand that if I was competing on a set date that I would be bulking till the exact day I had planned and then cut for the exact time I need to cut. As I am doing it for myself as personal challenges though, I really don’t need exact dates, I just need my head to be focused and in the game.

I don’t need to do anything other than do what I need to do. What I need to do is drop my body fat as much as I possibly can in a way that I find fun and enjoyable. If that’s a brisk walk on the treadmill once a day with my headphones on whilst playing on Twitter or Facebook then so be it. As long as it’s helping me reach my goal then I’ll do what it takes.

I’m going to look too thin

This is always a worry for me as I don’t want to be skinny. The thing is though, I can put on fat extremely easy. My life long challenge has been battling with my body fat. I ain’t going to make excuses up though, I was lazy and ate a lot of junk food.

Once I drop my body fat to where I want it to be, I will then examine where I am with strength and looks.

If I do cut to where I want to be, then I will step my game up and aim to compete in the distance future. (over 40s for example) I know that I have a very long way to go and I also know that my genetics are poor, but so what, I’ll just have to work as hard as I possibly can to get to where I want to be. Genetics don’t mean anything if your competition is more focused and trying much harder with everything.

How much fat do I need to lose?

Possibly around 10lb of fat at a complete guess. I have no idea how to measure what I need to lose other than a number in a percentage of where I want to be which is around the 10% mark. I did get down to 14% which was the lowest I have ever been. Now I have conquered the 15% body fat goal, I am going to get to 10% body fat as my next goal. (currently around 19%)

Is it possible for me?

As I feel at the moment it will be quite easy to get to where I want to be. I have my mind 100% focused on my goals and what I need to do to achieve my goal. I have no negative thought about what I want to achieve and that’s that. (unforeseen circumstances are not taken into account)

It’s all about the supplements!

Supplements mean absolutely nothing if they aren’t used right or if the effort is not put into training/nutrtion. I love Black Bombs when cutting as they make me feel hyperactive, therefore wanting to do something which involves moving. I have had Black Bombs in the past and sat down to watch TV. The logic in this is ridiculous as I ain’t going to accomplish anything like that.

I have Black Bombs knowing full well that I am going to do some kind of exercise and use it to help me along mentally and physically. Alternatively, It’s no good having Black Bombs and doing half hour cardio just so you can have a chips and a battered sausage. You have to do everything right to actually see any benefits.


Going from a 40 inch waist, I used to believe it would be impossible to get visible abs due to the excess fat hanging around me belly. I changed this opinion thought when I did my first cut in August. I know that If I work had enough, I can tighten up my stomach fat and have a more firm stomach.

I hated ab exercises as I really didn’t see the point in them as I have a load of fat around my waist. That was a very silly thing to have in my head though, as I know that when I eventually lose the fat, I will then have to wait another year until I have abs due to the lack of muscle there.

I started doing a very basic abdominal workout around 4 months ago ready for when I cut. I have a simple theory that if I work my abs a little more when I’m fat, I will be able to see them better when I cut. I don’t want to lose the fat and then decide I want to train abs as it would take another year or so to see the benefits. Training my abs will also strengthen my core making it a win-win situation that way.

LOL Do you even lift

I am always aware that what I say on here can be read by anyone and I never ever want to come across as If I look anywhere near good enough to take my top of in public, let alone compete. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having goals in life though and working towards them. I do my best with the knowledge I have and I am always hungry to learn more and push myself harder.

I’m sure some of my friends will agree with me that I have never ever doubted or even thought of giving up what I’m doing since the day I started. I have a passion for what I do and I simply love it. It is a lifestyle that I enjoy following and I never have to force myself to go to the gym etc.

I am completely aware of how slow my progress has been and I am also completely aware that I have done it all by myself. It’s been a long journey just to get to here. I do have high hopes for where I want to eventually be and I will work as hard as I can to get there.

New opportunities

Joining the new gym has opened up some doors for me. Being around people that compete and who body build is a great advantage to me. Being in a more competitive environment will help me push harder and learn more. I’m excited to see how it unfolds over the coming years at the new gym.


I will personally monitor my progress in private with pictures for the time being. I took a video of me prancing around new years morning taking all my measurements down in front of the video camera. The video is uploaded and kept private until I feel comfortable to share it later in the year. All the measurements can be found on my blog though.

Why so confident?

It’s not so much confidence, it’s more of being positive and focused!

My Workout Page Change Log


Workout and Videos

This is where I will post the notes to what I have changed on the page showing my workout and the techniques I use.

  • 03/05/2014 – weighted Ab Crunches
  • 22/01/2014 – Machine Rows + T-Bar Rows + One Arm Lever Row + Dumbbell Tricep Press
  • 06/11/13 – HEX deadlift + Smith Machine + Reverse Grip Pulldown + Pull Over + Shrugs + Dips + Rope Push Downs + Skull Crushers
  • 27/09/13 – Seated leg press
  • 13/09/13 – Added Barbell Lateral Raise
  • 12/08/13 – Added Bicep Preacher Curls
  • 27/07/13 – Added Seated Barbell Press ,Leg Extensions, Leg Curls, Upright Cable Rows
  • Page started – Version 0.1 – 25/07/2013

A Week Off The Gym…

After a week off due to injury, I went back to the gym tonight with enough determination to actually try and do something.

Two things I want to note down for reference;

  • Having a week off from the gym made me completely lose interest and made me think about why I go to the gym.*
  • I must take it easy.

*I lost interest in the gym for one simple reason, I was injured. Going to the gym may have delayed my recovery time if I pulled myself further. I ate right, I just did my best to take my mind off wanting to go to the gym, as I would have gone.

I also had to take it easy tonight to make sure I didn’t have a sudden impact that snaps my neck and puts me in a worse position than I already am. Everything was comfortable apart from standing curls. That gave me some nasty discomforting pain in my lower neck. I worked around it and just lifted light weights.

After just a week away from the gym and my body rested, I felt that the gym was just a chore and wondered why I did it. As soon as I got in the gym I remembered why I did it. The buzz of adrenalin and the pain in my muscles whilst performing the exercise is great. I completely understand why people who have never been to the gym frown upon it, as I questioned it earlier today. When leaving the gym, it makes me feel so good that I just can’t wait to get back in there for another session. One thing I know is that the longer you leave it, the harder you find it to go. I had just a week off and I felt like this.

I had no choice but not wanting to go as I was injured. Everyone that knows me, knows how important the gym is too me and how serious I take it.

So, what am I saying;

  • If you have never been to the gym, you must try it. You won’t like it to start, but then you will get addicted and want more.
  • You need to keep going to the gym and pushing hard. The longer you have off, the harder it will be to want to go.
  • Nurse the injury. Don’t go too heavy too quickly, you may end up turning a week off into months off.


Train sensibly…

Latest Weight Update (Pics)

My latest weight update looks good…

I feel that I need to say that I don’t trust these things much and I prefer to look in the mirror or lift weights to see how I am progressing. I know I am on the right track without this, but here it is anyway.

I look at the first one (far left) which was a similar weight to the last one (far right), although the last one shows that I have lost 2kg* of body fat and maintained my overall weight of 84kg*. It also shows at the bottom that I have lost 2kg* of body fat which fits in perfect with the weight I have lost.

Comparing the 2 outer ones to the middle one shows that I have lost 3kg* of fat and 3kg* of overall weight which fits in good with my fat loss and not muscle loss.

If the middle one showed that I had lost 3kg* overall weight but only 2kg* of fat, then I would say I am losing muscle too. I have all the weigh-ins that I have taken from the last 2 years and this is shown quite clearly.                                        weight

For example. The picture below shows that I have maintained my overall weight, but I have lost 3kg* of body fat. As I have lost 3kg* of fat, but maintained my overall weight, this means I have gained 3kg* elsewhere, which is muscle.


This is what I am aiming for and I sure I am on a the right path with nutrition and my workouts. This is quite exciting for me and this is why I have to take note on my blog so I know when, how and why my body is changing.

Screenshot (89)


*This is to the best of my knowledge*

On the right path…

Temple Gym Birmingham




  • 20130616_114340

Late last night we decided that we were going to visit Temple Gym today for Fathers Day. We got up nice and early, got the children ready and headed off to Birmingham (UK). As we now live in South Wales, we had 100 miles to travel one way. The roads were empty all the way including the city centre.

I went there to pick up my Temple Gym hoodie ready for when I train with Dorian around August.


When we got there we sort of knew what to expect. We were greeted with some steep steps that take you down into the Temple. Everywhere you look there were photos, trophies and all sorts of memorabilia throughout the whole gym. I could smell the the damp, feel the energy and most of all, I could feel the motivation and inspiration.




Standing in the same gym where Dorian trained and won the MR Olympia 6 times felt insane. The amount of legends that have stepped foot in that gym is also crazy. I am well aware that anyone can go there, but I had to go there, I look up to Dorian and just to drive past the place would have been a dream come true, let alone go in there and study the place.


The next time I go there will be to train with Dorian or when the wife trains with Gal. I have got the tourist part out the way and so next time I will be focused on some serious bodybuilding and finding out some answer to the questions I have. I hope to train with Andrew Coulson and Lewis Yates before the end of the year too.


Taking my children to a gym also feels fantastic! Giving them a head start in life by introducing them to fitness at an early age is what I strongly believe all children need. (Notice I said fitness and not weightlifting/bodybuilding) The children loved it, although we were constantly on edge telling them not to touch anything. My boy was especially delighted as he loves his weights and posing. (I have to stress that we will not let him lift heavy weights and only let him get involved for fun and education)

Here’s a short video that we made. Bear in mind we had three children to look after so it is a little rough!

Living the dream…

Three Parts to a Repetition…

When I started to lift weights I did what most people do and lifted the weight fast and dropped it down even quicker. This created momentum in my lifts, allowing me to lift much heavier, although I wasn’t making any gains.

Let’s use a standing alternating bicep curl for example;

Standing upright swinging 25kg dumbbells is fairly easy if I use momentum from swinging my body to lift the weight. I will be bringing my legs, back, shoulder, torso, biceps and all other manors of muscles into the routine.

Now if I take the same exercise and use good strict form I simply won’t be able to lift any where close to 25kg, even 15kg would feel heavy. This is simply down to the fact that you are using one muscle to carry out the exercise and not the whole body.

There are 3 parts to one full repetition, Positive rep, static, negative rep.

Positive rep (Concentric Contraction) – The weakest part of the rep – When the muscle shortens. e.g When the bicep pulls up the forearm. 

Static –  The second weakest part of the rep – The pause between the positive and negative rep.

Negative rep (Eccentric Contraction) – The strongest part of the rep –  When the muscle is resisting a force. e.g When your forearm is being pulled down and you try to resist it.

Each one of the above puts stress on the muscle. Lifting up a weight and allowing it to drop down without any real resistance will mean that you have only carried out half a rep, or you  are wasting that negative part of the rep. Concentrating on the three parts to the rep will also eliminate momentum and provide full stress on the muscle you are building.

When you have hit complete failure on the positive rep, you will find that the negative can still be controlled. This means that the muscle still has some strength left as it is still resisting the weight. To hit complete muscular exhaustion, use forced positive reps and then lower the weight in a controlled manor on the negative rep until you have hit complete failure.

Forced positive rep – Getting a spotter for example to help you raise the weight once you have hit positive fatigue. You can then lower the weight (negative rep) until you hit complete muscular fatigue.

Just to recap;

The positive rep is the weakest part of a lift and requires the muscle to contract. Static is the pause in-between the the positive and negative rep and the final part to the rep is the negative. This is the lowering part of the weight that requires the least resistance from the muscle.

Thinking about the above during each lift will help you understand the basic principals of how to carry out a full repetition. Always used a slow and controlled manor during the lift. Try doing 2 seconds on the positive and 3 seconds on the negative rep.

It’s not all positive…

My Introduction to BodyBuilding…

We all have to start somewhere and many of us look to others for information, inspiration and usually motivation. Fortunately I didn’t really have anyone to train me, which means I looked for posts like this to educate myself. Everything typed here is from my head and what I have picked up along my journey. I hope it helps you…

First of all, bodybuilding is a sport that YOU have to do yourself! It is not a team activity and you will not gain anything by sitting back and not putting the effort in. The results are all about what YOU put into it!

There are three main components that any bodybuilder will need to remember. These are, Intensity, Nutrition and Sleep (INS).

Like many new comers to the sport, I thought that lifting a weight would make me muscular over a few months. I was far from right, so here’s a run down of a few things that will give you a good head start.

I lifted weights for a year at home and here’s a short list of how and what I was doing.


  • Cereals for breakfast
  • Pasta and cheese for dinner (Hot or cold)
  • Random meal at night. Usually oven chips.
  • Snacks in-between would be biscuits, flap jacks, crisps etc.

My workout would be;

  • Biceps – Isolation curls, hammer curls, alternating curls
  • Tricep – Extensions, press, kick backs, dips
  • Chest – on the floor barbell press, floor flyes, press ups
  • Shoulders – Front, side, rear raises, standing alternating press
  • Legs – Nothing ( I thought being on my feel all day would build my legs. See intensity section)
  • Back – Pull ups, wide grip pull ups, one arm rows
  • Abs – Ab ripper x

I was doing this for a year and the weight I was lifting went up by pounds only. I never progressed at all. I thought I was doing it right, but I really wasn’t. I had no idea what muscles the human body had, I never understood even the very basic principals of weightlifting. I was working out every day, but with seriously low intensity looking back at it. I never pushed myself at the time, although I thought I really was back then.

I could workout everyday as my muscles never ached. I was going through my routine without intensity. Although I did think I was pushing hard, my form and the weight used wasn’t at all right.

A year later…

This is when I found the gym. I was taking my daughter to ballet and found a gym directly below it. I thought all my dreams had come true until I went for an induction to find that it was more of a small cardio gym. I was gutted to be honest as I had my heart set on this for weeks and it had nothing that I wanted.

Just one week later I took the children to the park and my youngest daughter was potty training and she needed the toilet. I panicked as you do and found a building where I politely asked if I could let my daughter use the toilet. Whilst in there I noticed a building plan with the magic words GYM wrote on it. I asked about it and the gym told me there was one directly below.

After a short natter he opened it up and showed me around. It was a dirty old, messy, small, basic, rough gym with paint hanging of the walls and smashed boarded up windows. It was perfect! I spent the next couple of weeks trying to find the owner and eventually got to join. The gym community was established in 1956 and most of the old guys are still there. It was nerve racking to say the least being an English man walking into a Welsh gym, but they took me in and made me feel welcome from the start.

One of the guys gave me a routine to do for six weeks which I did for a few weeks and tried to be clever doing extra routines which led to me pulling my lower back. This trapped a nerve. Let’s just say the pain was excruciating!

Here’s what they got me doing to start;

Every session for six weeks I was advised to do the following; ( I went twice a week to start for 1 hour per session, Monday and Friday)

  • Bench press
  • Overhead Press
  • Power Clean
  • Squats
  • Deadlift

(Some of my videos can be found here)

These are all compound movements which require more than one muscle group to carry out the exercise.

Compound exercise

Let’s take bench press for example. This uses more muscles than just the chest muscles (Pectorals- pecs). When performing the exercise you will also use your triceps and your front deltoids. Each repetition will include all these muscles and not just your pecs.

Isolation exercise

Let’s take a Bicep curl on a preacher bench. This exercise isolates just the one muscle which is the bicep. This allows full concentration on that singular muscle rather than a group of muscles.

Doing the above routine will allow you to get a good whole body workout and it will strengthen the whole body before you go into splitting up the muscle groups. I always try to aim for 8 reps on upper body and 15 on my lower body now.

Good form

Doing the exercises in a good controlled manor is essential when you are bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is all about focusing on the muscles that you with to build and sculpt. You will find that you won’t be able to lift as much weight when using good, controlled form, compared to when you are weight lifting.

Weight lifting – Lifting weights from point A-B.

Bodybuilding – Strict form ensuring specific muscles are target and all 3 parts of the rep are carried out correctly and controlled. Positive rep, static, negative rep. 

Now we need to discuss nutrition

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym’?

Nutrition is crucial for repairing, building and fuelling your body, before, during and after exercise. You can’t have a big breakfast that contains nothing nutritious and expect your body to absorb what is needed to grow. You must eat frequent and each meal should contain protein.

I now aim to have 6 small meals a day, every day. I will eat around 30g of protein per meal, equalling out to 180g of protein per day. Aim to have between 1-1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight, spread over the day.

Protein facts

20% of muscles are protein.

The body can only absorb 50g of protein per meal

The body will only store that protein for 2-3 hours.

The above shows that a good supply of protein every 2-3 hours will keep you topped up and help your body to keep repairing the muscle tissue when resting. You also need to know that muscles are made up of 75% water and 5% fat, carbohydrates, and assorted proteins. Make sure you keep hydrated and have around 2 litres of water a day to keep your body flushed out and help prevent damage to your kidneys.

It is pointless having 6 eggs, chicken, and what ever in one meal every 5 hours thinking that 100g of protein will make you bigger as it won’t.

Don’t forget to eat plenty of fruit and veg too!

How to build muscle

The three components for building muscle are Intensity, nutrition and sleep.

Intensity –  To build muscle you have to break the fibres creating micro tears in the muscle strands which will then repair bigger and stronger by protein synthesis. The idea is to create enough stress on the muscle to tear some of the fibres. The body will then repair them whist making them stronger and bigger.

You can tap a stick of dynamite with a pencil all day, but I dare you to BANG IT with a HAMMER! – Dorian Yates

Nutrition – In order to ensure the repair of a muscle (making it bigger and stronger) you must have a good nutritional diet. High protein, a few portions of fruit and veg, 2 litres of water a day depending on perspiration etc. Having a poor diet will hinder the recovery process.

Sleep – Your muscles do not grow in the gym, the muscles are torn in the gym and they grow when resting. You need to understand that going to the gym every day will not make you grow. If the muscle group feels tender then you MUST let that muscle fully recover in order to grow. Resting is equally important as intensity and nutrition.

Example – Dorian Yates said this and it is a perfect example of the above.

Imagine rubbing sand paper on the palm of your hand. If you rub it too soft then nothing will happen. If you rub it hard so it bleeds and then 5 minutes later rub it again, it will just keep on bleeding. If you make it bleed and then let it fully heal, after a few times your skin will grow back thicker and stronger. This is the same principle for your muscles.

My biggest issue since I joined the gym has been sleep. Having two daughters and my son being born has removed sleep from my life up until a month ago.

Protein Supplements

Everyone speaks about protein supplements and what they do. They are simply supplements to top up your protein levels if you can’t get enough from food. Never substitute a good nutritious meal for a protein shake if you have the choice. If you do have protein shakes, have them with water as the body absorbs it better and it is again easier on the kidneys.

There are a ton of supplements to use and I have had most of them. (This is not everything and I have tried many more in the past)

So what have we covered?

A beginner workout routine which targets all your bodys muscles.

The difference between compound and isolation exercises.

A simple look at protein.

I will add a part 2 to this soon, so stay tuned and I hope this helps… *In progress 30-07-13*

Knowledge is the key…

07/06/2013 Workout and Blog

First of all I want to thank all the people that have messaged me saying how inspired they are by my blog and have praised me for what I have done so far.

Thank you! 

I’m going to start with what I did tonight and then I will go off track and talk about other things.

Tonight I did shoulders and legs. There isn’t really a better split than this at the moment as I hit the gym three times a week for around one hour per session.

My splits go,

  • Monday – Chest and Biceps
  • Wednesday – Back and Triceps
  • Friday – Shoulders and legs
  • Light cardio and abs in-between if need be.


  • Standing shoulder press – 15kg Olympic 6ft bar to start then, 35kg, 45kg and 55kg. All aiming for 8-10 reps.
  • Seated press –  Dumbbells, 70lb x 8, 70lb x 7, 60lb x 8.
  • Front (Anterior Deltoid), side(Lateral Deltoid) and rear (Posterior Deltoid) raises – 30lb x 6 reps x 3 sets
  • Arnold press standing – 30lb dumbbells for 8 reps and then 40lb dumbbells for 8 reps.
  • In front and behind standing over head press to finish – 35kg for 10 reps and 25kg for 12 reps.


  • Squats, bodyweight and stretch to start
  • 60kg x 15
  • 80kg x 15
  • 100kg x 8
  • 120kg x 2
  • 80kg x 12
  • Calf Raise (On leg press), 120kg x 15-20 reps and 4 sets. The pain was excruciating before I stopped!!!

OK, that’s that out the way and now I want to talk about peoples opinions on me, inside and outside the gym.

I have had more compliments in the last few weeks than I have ever had in my life. People are complimenting how I have bulked up since last year and how well I look. I have an issue with this though, as I have always been put down since being young. I have always been chubby, which leads to being called fatty etc. I find when people compliment on me, I think they are saying it to make me feel good and then walk off laughing. Kind of like when you get that person on x-factor that is awful, but everyone says how great they are.

In the gym tonight the one chap asked me if I have lost weight and I said yes. I haven’t gone on any diet at all, I’m probably eating much more than before, just that it is good nutritional food rather than flap jacks for instance. I have ate more healthy nutritious food in the last 3 months than my whole life combined. I started out on healthy eating and it has simply turned to standard eating.

The guy then went on to say I will lose strength if I lose weight. Yeah, I understand what he is saying, but I also know that is complete rubbish. I have lost well over half a stone and my strength hasn’t dropped at all! I have slowly lost the fat at a steady rate and I will continue to do so until my weight levels out.

I was doing standing front, side, rear raises in the gym earlier and I could clearly see muscle fibres in my shoulders. I have never seen it before as I was carrying too much excess fat. This feeling was amazing and I asked my training partner to record it. Let’s just say he isn’t Steven Spielberg! I also noticed when I was spotting him doing seated press than I was starting to see definition across all my muscles in view.

*Again, I’m not being arrogant with what I’m explaining, but I am working damn hard trying to achieve what is slowly coming along*

So, as body fat goes I am doing it right. The main problem I will have is the fat around my stomach. Going from a size 40 inch jeans to visible abs is not going to be easy. I will do it though, so stick with me.

I’m going to leave it there for tonight and blog more over the weekend.

Remember, there’s only YOU stopping YOU…