Week 3 Weight Update… 15/02/14


According to this, my body fat has gone up and my overall weight is about the same. I know this isn’t true down to my own monitoring with skin fold callipers, a measuring tape and a mirror. I have lost an inch on my stomach and I can see slight positive changes around my stomach, granted it’s only very slightly, but it’s in the right direction.

The body weight not dropping could be down to hydration, clothing, muscle gained and all manners of other things. I really don’t care about my overall weight, I care about my fat percentage. I would be happy with a body weight of 20 stone and 10% body fat, weight is not what I want to lose, it’s the fat.

I will continue what I am doing now and completely re-asses everything March 1st. I will rework all my figures to make sure my macro break down is correct for what I want to achieve. Personally I feel that I am on the right track with a nice steady fat loss. It’s far to early to tell from just 3 weeks of changing things around, 5 weeks will give me a better idea of where I’m going. I can go on a very low carb and fat intake with more cardio at the end of april if need be, but I need to realise what my goal is…

My goal is to look my best for May. I also need to feel alive and strong though. If it’s me losing fat and feeling ill due to my diet, that would be absolutely pointless! This is to test my discipline levels, my knowledge on food, training and so on.

I will get to where I want to be for May! I just need to keep it steady and concentrate on how I need to do it. I hope to surprise myself with the effort I will put into reaching my goal.

I genuinely believe that if I can reach my target for May, I can achieve anything with my body that I set out to do. If I fail down to my own lack of discipline, I then know this isn’t for me. That will not happen though!!! – I want to do it, it would be different if I had to do it because someone forced me in to it.

Morning measurements


  • 12st 9lb

Skin fold (mm)-

  1. 11 chest
  2. 15 stomach
  3. 20 leg

Belly size

  • 32 inch

Justifying myself…

During typing this up I decided to do my body fat test a different way. I have tried another way and my body fat comes out at 16-17%. I can see that I have been trying to find ways of making excuses up for my body fat to make it lower than my previous week. I need to stop doing this and focus on where I really want to be and not lying to myself about it. It takes time and I know that. I need to just focus…

I know I’m on the right track… 


Illness, Recovery, Difficulty…

A few weeks back I had the stomach bug. Within three days I lost 8lb in bodyweight. Once I started eating again, I went straight to junk food as I simply couldn’t stomach anything other than snacking or even look at anything other than ‘treats’ to be honest.

The 8lb I lost has been gained back now, although not as I was hoping. The weight I have put back on seems to be just fat. I feel that I have lost some strength and I have gained fat. This is not what I wanted to happen, but it has opened my eyes again. Times like this show just how easy it is to put on fat.

I used to look at the weighing scales and monitor myself throughout the day, taking notes of what I’m eating, drinking and how my lifestyle was. I found that my body weight could fluctuate by 4lb easily in just a few hours. This made me realise just how pointless weighing myself actually was when done alone.

I am back to the weight I was before getting ill, but I can see in the mirror that I have put on a fair bit of body fat along with it. I genuinely couldn’t do anything about this as I was getting over my stomach bug. I just want to make note that I can put on body fat very easily and I can see just how difficult it is to maintain my body fat, let alone drop my body fat.

I am being quite relaxed with portion sizes and treats at the moment and I need to make note of that too. It’s no good lying to myself saying I am eating clean and frequent when I am not. I am eating frequent throughout the day, I’m just enjoying the treats. Yes I know I shouldn’t be doing this and I will regret it.

I know how my body works though as I have monitored if for the last 5 years. I know for a fact that the mind is stronger than than my body and what my mind wants, it will have. This is why I have to programme my mind to prepare for a change. At the moment I am not prepared to change my diet. (I do eat very well, I have just added biscuits and I want on a mad spree of pop tarts last week)

So here’s the deal. I will eat every 2-3 hours everyday and I will drop the few biscuits and rubbish that I have been having. I am not doing any cardio other than everyday life until mid March. I have programmed my brain to be prepared to go flat out from March till May. I will then maintain over the summer and comes the winter I will relax a lot. From now till March I will push myself as hard as I can in the gym and be a little bit more relaxed with my food portion sizes. (Even with the worst day nutrition wise, I am still in a completely different league to where I was this time last year)

Whilst I’m typing this I would like to add that I personally find it impossible to change my diet over night. I have to plan it well in advance and program my mind to want it.

Time to bulk…