Gym visits and opinions…

I love the world of fitness and I also love meeting new people and experiencing new things in the gym world. This page is going to be based on a journey of the gyms I visit accompanied by a short video and a few words. I don’t want to record others training and so I may miss parts of the gym to help keep peoples privacy.

Gym 1 – Community Fitness Brynmawr

This is my base gym where I do classes and Personal Training. The gym is designed for the community and has a good member base. It has all levels of people that train here and I pride it on helping as many people as I can through health and fitness.

Includes group classes/functional area

Video (update tomorrow)

Gym 2 – Bushbury Gym Wolverhampton

This gym is owned by my dads neighbours brother and is on the door step of my parents house. It’s one of the best gym I have been too as it has a hardcore vibe and a huge variety of cardio, machines, weights and also a boxing ring and so on. They also had Eddie Hall down there last year which was great!

Includes classes and boxing ring

Gym 3 – Dino’s Gym Solihull

Hardcore, old school, inspiring and just what a good old school gym should be. Huge variety of equipment and a superb array of photos and memories on the walls from tons of world class athletes which is very inspiring and motivating.

Includes group classes/functional area

Gym 4 – Muscle Masters Wolverhampton

This is a very hardcore gym with banging music and a dungeon type vibe. This is the place to be if you don’t want to be part of the outside world. The leg area is down some steps and it resembles that of the old Temple Gym. Great gym that I look forward to visiting again.

Gym 4 – Muscle Finesse Swansea

This gym is clean and well maintained. It has a huge supplement store which complements the gym. Plenty of parking and a great layout. There’s plenty of big weights and some lovely machines to play with. I trained back and biceps and there was a great amount of equipment to satisfy me here. Next time I want to train legs as there are some nice machines I have yet to experience and they look very painful.