Hello and welcome to my blog.

I will be updating this blog with my progress, aims and supplement reviews. As this is my own blog, I can give true opinions on everything I do. I don’t get paid to workout or praise supplements. Hopefully I can share some unbiased, no bullshit opinions and facts throughout my blog for you all to enjoy.

Who am I doing this for? Myself!

About me

Four years back, I decided that I needed to lose weight. At 15 stone, full on fat, I had to drop some of the bad habits and try to get fit. I started with the obvious thing, which was cutting out all the pizzas, chips, cake and all the other junk substances that palms the weight on me. I never stopped drinking alcohol though, as this was one thing I loved, then.

May 2010 I got talking to a friend named John, he is a power lifter and I was simply inspired by his physique. His fitness levels and muscles were simply amazing, I knew I had to change my ways and have an aim in life for which me and my family could be proud of.

At the end of May 2010 I started lifting some weights at home. These weren’t standard cast iron weights or even the cheap crappy vinyls. These were home made weights, bottles of sand wrapped in tape! Yeah it was stupid, but if you want something in life so bad, you must do something to get it, It’s no good sitting back and waiting for it to come to you!!!

After buying a few weights, pull up bar, curl bench and resistance bands, I went on for a year lifting in the house. I then knew i needed to step up my game a fair bit so I went looking for a gym. Luckily I found a local community gym that was full of old welsh boys who had been training together for many years. I joined and started off by wiping everything I did at home from my mind and to start fresh. I had too, the gym is completely different to home.

As the weeks went by, I started to gain strength, fast. I also decided to do proper weightlifing rather than being a curl monkey. Researching and advice from friends John and Paz helped he discover and try new things, as well as push myself harder each time. John told me he never did bicep curls or singular muscle exercises and he only did compound exercises. I didn’t understand this as he was massive!

So, I took the power route. Powercleans, bench press, squats, deadlifts were going to be my main lifts. Biceps, triceps and abs came afterwards as these wasn’t quite so important as they were being worked in the other exercises.

I now weigh 13 stone and the healthiest I have been in my entire life. Friends and family praise me up, which is a great buzz. Not to mention beating my own PB which is a different level of excitement. I know you may be reading this, thinking all sorts of things, but the good things is that your reading it. You must be lifting weights, thinking about lifting weights or just bored to tears and prying on my blog trying to pick faults and knock me down aka troll.

If it wasn’t for my wife’s support, I would have gave up ages ago. Two weeks after joining the gym, my son was born. Sleepless nights, work and fatigue have all been against me this year. luckily, I have a supportive wife. She has pushed me to follow my dream and whom has also started to get back into shape 4 months after giving birth to our third child. If that’s not inspiring for me then what is?! Neither of us drink alcohol, smoke or eat junk food.

Thanks to the guys in FWF who have also been a big inspiration too me.

Thank you for reading my welcome page and hopefully it gives you some inspiration or motivation to experience that natural drug, of getting fit and healthy.


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