08/09/2014 Chest, Shoulders, Abs , Diet – Week 15

0809f 0809t

My weighing scales have been demolished by the kids and so I have decided that I am going to wait till my 4 month check-in on the first Saturday of October to check my weight. In the mean time I will do what I feel is right to build strength and to eat well, whilst maintaining my body fat. (I want to maintain my body fat, not my overall weight)


I’ve got in the habit of eating decent throughout the day and pigging out at night. This is not causing me to gain any unwanted excess fat or making me feel bad in anyway. I have monitored what I eat up to bed time and it’s usually around 1000 calories from chocolate peanuts etc. I know that I can eat these of the evening and it will not cause me any issues at all. I feel stronger, more energised, happy and so on.

So why do I want to give up my snacks at night? the answer is simply down to self discipline! I have some in the house along with other junk and I refuse to eat them to just make sure I can control my cravings. I found it extremely difficult to not snack on junk last night, but I did it. Just like I will for the next few nights.



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