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THE FOLLOWING IS VERY ROUGH. I WOULD SAY MY BODY FAT IS AROUND 10-12% AND NOT 8%! (as I do it the same way each time, I still can see my progress even though it may not be right to others)



2014 has been a great year when I look back. I have joined a new gym, had a go at cutting with 100% dedication (to my knowledge) and used the trial and error method to figure out what works for me and what is comfortable for me. For example, my lower back has been injured in the past from poor form and so I try to make sure I do what I can to prevent further injury etc…


This year we were part of the DY Nutrition team at BodyPower Birmingham. To be part of that was more than a dream come true. It was truly overwhelming and an incredible opportunity !

I finally got to train with Andy Torres down Temple Gym after BodyPower and again, this is something I really wanted to do. As we have now crossed that bridge, it’s time to go all out and have a special training session with him in 2015. Plans are in motion and I/we are very excited for that to happen.

A very long overdue training session with Paz down Temple Gym was also a huge highlight of the year, as we go back to the beginning together. (or there about)

Going back to Temple Gym to seek advice and to be shown the correct way of training with Lewis Yates was another big thing this year as it was something I needed advice on as I couldn’t quite get the mind to muscle connection that I needed. Now I understand what I need to do, I will do it.

Following Roberts journey to NABBA was an incredible opportunity that would allow me to expand my knowledge with contest prep and diet. Also being part of Storm Gym and having advice from Julian at Storm Gym was something that has helped me throughout the year.

I have met so many different people this year and one person that stands out is Christie. We have trained together twice this year and 2015 will bring many more opportunities for us all to meet up.

This is the point where I can literally go on for ages with all the great memories and people I have met and been involved with this year, but I have to cut it down and make this post a little shorter…


Lets talk about food…

The obvious two brands I have the most are Dr Zaks products (Pasta, Coconut Oil, Bread, Baps) and Andrew Coulsons Protein Bites.

Looking back at my blog over the years, I can see just how wrong I was doing things to start and I already know that when I look back this time next year I will see just how much I have progressed again. (hopefully) I do put many random things on my blog as it’s my progress and that is all. I give people and option to read it or to not read it, it’s that simple. One thing for is for sure though, it is the best thing I have EVER done regarding fitness as it gives me a solid foundation to work on and look back at. I keep ALL my diet plans, all my training plans and this is what allows me to see my progress. Without all this, I would argue that I have not changed from 6 years ago, feel disheartened and perhaps give up.

I say this every year… MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS THROUGH PICTURES, MEASUREMENTS AND NOTE DOWN YOUR TRAINING PLANS AND NUTRITION PLANS!!! That is the one thing I urge anyone to do. If tomorrow is the start of your journey, then start it with pictures and measurements, put them away and compare them in one years time. (that’s just my advice though)

Here’s to 2014. 2015 will be determined by the effort, drive and determination we use to make positive changes.


Oh and I’m staying natural for 2015 and then I will asses where I want to go from there…


To be continued… (when the kids go to bed)




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