Supplements To Stage… (Fat Loss etc)

Before I start I want to just point out that the following have got me into the best shape of ‘MY’ life. (please understand it’s my body and my journey) My strength was still at it’s peak just 2 weeks from competition…


Product and how I used them…

Black Bombs – Straight out of bed in the morning, 330ml glass of water and a scoop of powder (or 1 tablet) as I start the treadmill. I finish the drink within 5 minutes of warming up at a low walking speed, before hitting my max brisk walk speed at 10 minutes on the clock. I then did 20 more minutes of brisk walking and drinking lots of water.

Creagen – Loading phase after a month off, I have 2 scoops per day. Morning and night on non training days. I have them morning and straight after training. After a week I drop it to either one in the morning on non training days or directly after training. I also drink lots of water daily. At least 8 pints.

Tempro – Easy to mix and tastes great, packed with 7 different types of protein sources. 2 scoops in my 80g oats with water for breakfast, 2 scoops immediately after training. 2 scoops midnight and more scoops if I feel like it.

DYnamino – This has been something that I have counted on more than anything else out there. I got through almost a tub of this in just the 2 weeks leading up to competition. I was drinking it constantly as it filled me up and helped me maintain strength. I was still drinking this the day before my show. It is best to drink this during training as it helps give me energy and it is also easier for the muscles to absorb as I’m training.

NOX Pump – This stuff is evil. I have 1 scoop half hour before hitting the gym. My energy levels go off the chart and the pump is unreal. I swear down by this and have never even look at another product since I started using it.

Vitamin C – I use soluble 500mg vitamin C tablets twice a day for general health.

And that is the lot. I have a break from Creagen, Nox Pump and Black Bombs for 1 week every 4 weeks. It just helps to stop my body getting immune to it.

I didn’t have any more supplements such as vitamins, minerals, oils etc as I was on a budget and tried to have a diet that I can get most of what I need from. I felt that I can buy a million different supplements for all sorts of things, I didn’t have any though and felt that I did ok without them.




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