08/11/2015 – Finally Back Into It…

Goals set, head back in the game, back in my happy place. The last few months have been difficult. Now it’s time to push hard and see what I can do for myself.

For how relaxed I’ve been, I haven’t put on too much body fat and the best part is that my legs always carried much more fat than the rest of my body and after doing that comp and stripping my fat right back, I have put fat back on all over my body. As an example, my legs were 18% bodyfat and stomach 10%. Now they are both around the same percentage of fat.

I know that once I click and find my head, it’s much easier to stick to a strict diet than trying to force myself to eat strict. When my heads not into it, I can forget it. The world’s greatest diet plan would be better off in the bin than in my hands… I’m not complaining about this though, as I’ve absolutley loved being away from the sport a bit, it’s been subconsciously building up the buzz ready to go all out for the next few months. Or another way to look at is like this… I ain’t training to be Mr Olympia, I do what I can and take it as serious as I can with my family being my main priority in life.


I have never missed training or slacked in the gym. I just didn’t have that goal to work towards. I felt lost.

Now I know my goals, I can work towards them over the next few months/years and conquer them in due time.

My priority is to
Clean my diet up – done
Drop the excess bodyfat casually – 4 weeks

My other goals are numbers that I will reach.

I will be updating my blog much more frequently as this is actually my main source of motivation…!


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