Eating Healthy When Traveling

We recently went to a funeral which was back in my home town, 100 mile away from where we now live. I was determined to keep up my healthy eating diet, but it was extremely difficult trying to eat 100% healthy whilst travelling. Although I was determined to stick to my healthy eating routine no matter what, It wasn’t exactly up to me to make that choice…

I took a good selection of snacks with me for the journey. Nuts, peanut butter, protein supplement and porridge to name a few. I still needed to have a good meal though and the only places I could find on a Sunday afternoon were McDonald’s, KFC, petrol stations and subways. I was going to just grab a pack of chicken form the deli section in the petrol station, but the contents were showing that the chicken was not 100% breast. It had added water, salt and spices, this is not what I wanted.

After a hour or so, I ended up in Subway. Looking at the menu was proving to be a chore on it’s own, as most of the food had added salt etc. After 10 minutes of discussing with the staff about the highest protein, low fat sub, I went with an oat bread, chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, green peppers and sweet corn. This wasn’t exciting at all, as I love the big fat, double cheese, extra meat, sauced up, salt and pepper mega sub. I ate it anyway and I actually enjoyed it. This was a meal that I needed and deserved, it also kept me going till the next day.

Later on that Sunday night, we went to a club to meet some family. The bar didn’t have any decent beverages that were good for you, so I ended up drinking water.

I have gone too far with my experiment now to just drop my diet for a bit of junk food. I’m determined to see the next 25 days through, with 100% focus on 100% nutritional foods. I will acomplish my goals I have set. My body fat is already dropping and my physical state is maintaining its energy levels, which is excellent.

This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do when it comes to nutrition, I will finish what I have started!

22 days left…


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