Back to Deadlifts

It has now been almost three weeks since I injured my back whilst doing deadlifts and i think it is feeling strong again. I will be carrying out some light deadlifts tomorrow night, but i will limit myself to 100kg. I wont push myself as i dont want to damage my back again. I love deadlifting as it is a true test of strength. I also hate it though as its a serious back snapping exercise.

Fingers crossed that my back will still feeling good tomorrow!


Tonight went well with my back, it felt strong. I knew I couldn’t push myself though, but I managed to rep 140kg. All in all, it was a good night!


2 thoughts on “Back to Deadlifts

  1. Good luck man.
    Maybe if you do injure yourself again, it’s time to consider your form? Posture right while lifting? Maybe add additional exercises to help with the area? “hyper extensions” they were one of my favourite exercises.

    • I know exactly how I pulled my back and I knew I had back ache before I even attempted them. Hyper extentions are great mate. I do several exercises to strengthen my back, but this is the big compound exercise.

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