Pre-Workout Supplements

I have been wanting to post this for a few days. I thought it would be best to hold on though, until now…

The following is my opinion only. I have nothing to back me up, apart from my own experience!

There are so many pre-workout supplements on the market, which makes it very hard to find the right one for you. Do the ingredients agree with you, do you trust the brand, do you even need pre-workout supplements?

Here’s my opinion on what I have used. After finishing a 60 servings tub of N.O. Explode and almost finished a tub of Cellular C4 Extreme, I can say that I don’t feel that they work. The idea of these supplements, is to help boost your energy levels and give you a better pump in the gym, but are they any good???

I find that these supplements will not work alone. If I am in the wrong frame of mind, stressed, tired, lacking food, or generally not with it, I won’t get the desired effect from these supplements.

I know that I can get just as good of a focused workout done, with or without supplements. The question is, why do I bother to take them? To trick my brain. I believe that taking supplements, can trick my mind into believing I can do more. I’m not saying they don’t help at all, but I am saying that they are not needed, if your diet, focus and sleep are good.

I had a short break from my C4 and only had a peanut Trek bar, one hour before the gym. These nights were the nights where everything felt good. I was strong and I felt that I was more in control of my muscles, rather than the weights controlling my muscles.

Once this tub of C4 has gone, I’m going to stay away from pre-workout supplements, for at least a month or two. You can throw money away left, right and center, but if you need all this stuff to get you in the gym, you shouldn’t bother going. Your passion should give you the strength and determination to do well. Not all these artificial supplements!

The right frame of mind can make all the difference…


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