A few of the lads have met Arnold Schwarzenegger a few times in the past when he has been touring the UK…

The one chap hates Arnie, because of steroids and blah blah blah. You only have to mention him and he lectures you for ages on stuff that you don’t want to hear. Anyway, the lads told me that this chap had been on Arnies back whilst Arnie was doing calf raises. Obviously I knew they wanted me to ask him so he lashes out at me saying that he wouldn’t go near Arnie etc.

A few days later I asked him with a big grin, have you been on Arnies back as these said you have. I braced myself… He turned and said, Arnie, I’ve been on his back a few times when he was around here.

I was gob smacked to be honest and anyone that loves Arnie knows exactly how much of a dream it would be to workout with the best bodybuilder of all time.

What I would do to meet Arnie and sit on his back whilst he did calf raises…

Wishes don’t get you nothing. Doing it does…


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