The Bit Around The Belly

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has the issue with a mound of stuborn fat around the belly area, but I don’t like it and want it gone.

I have gone from around the 40″ Jean size to a comfy 34″ Jean. The only issue I now have is this big tyre of fat that is very noticeable when I sit down. When I stand it is clearly visible but much less pronounced as it is stretched and not squashed up.

Research and practice shows me that I can only lose body fat from the whole of my body and I cannot spot reduce fat from specific areas. The obvious thing to do is cut back on the calories and do more cardio. This will then create the problem of over training or under eating, leading to muscle/strength loss if I ain’t careful. (I did a crash diet, high cardio a few month ago and it made me ill)

The option I am left with is quite obvious. I will continue my already good diet whilst carrying out light cardio exercise such as walking and every day work. I will continue to build muscle which will higher my metabolism slightly and help remove a bit more fat. I will keep this up till at least spring 2014 and I will have a good toned abdominal area.

Carrying out exercises for the midsection when chubby will be great when you lose the fat,as your muscles will be bursting ready. Don’t feel that you can’t do abdominal exercises until you have lost the fat, think ahead and be ready to show those abs.

Set achievable goals…


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