A Week Off The Gym…

After a week off due to injury, I went back to the gym tonight with enough determination to actually try and do something.

Two things I want to note down for reference;

  • Having a week off from the gym made me completely lose interest and made me think about why I go to the gym.*
  • I must take it easy.

*I lost interest in the gym for one simple reason, I was injured. Going to the gym may have delayed my recovery time if I pulled myself further. I ate right, I just did my best to take my mind off wanting to go to the gym, as I would have gone.

I also had to take it easy tonight to make sure I didn’t have a sudden impact that snaps my neck and puts me in a worse position than I already am. Everything was comfortable apart from standing curls. That gave me some nasty discomforting pain in my lower neck. I worked around it and just lifted light weights.

After just a week away from the gym and my body rested, I felt that the gym was just a chore and wondered why I did it. As soon as I got in the gym I remembered why I did it. The buzz of adrenalin and the pain in my muscles whilst performing the exercise is great. I completely understand why people who have never been to the gym frown upon it, as I questioned it earlier today. When leaving the gym, it makes me feel so good that I just can’t wait to get back in there for another session. One thing I know is that the longer you leave it, the harder you find it to go. I had just a week off and I felt like this.

I had no choice but not wanting to go as I was injured. Everyone that knows me, knows how important the gym is too me and how serious I take it.

So, what am I saying;

  • If you have never been to the gym, you must try it. You won’t like it to start, but then you will get addicted and want more.
  • You need to keep going to the gym and pushing hard. The longer you have off, the harder it will be to want to go.
  • Nurse the injury. Don’t go too heavy too quickly, you may end up turning a week off into months off.


Train sensibly…


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