Tricep, Arm, Body Fat… Video

I decided to have a look what was happening in the mirror tonight and with the help of a couple of friends, I got a quick video.

This is where I am, how my body fat is and something to later look back on…

(Yes, I have thought about not posting it)… I will keep it unlisted till I feel more positive. Let’s be honest though, anyone looking at my blog should understand why I do stuff like this…

Ok, now the part that I need to explain…

My body fat has always been high, as I have stated many times before. I have dropped my body fat massively from when I first started and at the same time, I have got stronger and I have built more muscle. Seeing stuff like this does make me feel proud! I can see a change, even if it is a small amount over a long time. This gives me a boost knowing that I am going in the right direction and also allows me to monitor and compare my progress in the future.


Get ripped in just 6 weeks! Yeah right, 5 years ago I started my journey…


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