Wednesday 28th, Day 28… (Lots of Pics and Video)

*I typed this part tonight 27/08/13, I haven’t taken any pics till tomorrow night*

**Video Uploading**

Today is the end of week 4 of my so called transformation. It’s quite obvious that I want to see the visual results and that has been a success in my mind. (Which is all that matters) But I’m going to share a though about what’s going on with my insides that is obviously not visible to others.

  • For starters, I have had no stomach cramps, aches or serious pains which I normal suffer with. (irritate bowls I guess it is)
  • Apart from the last few days, I have felt active, energetic and happy.

My body has changed in the way I was hoping. These pictures may not show what I can feel. A few examples of this would be my stomach fat. I have lost a lot of fat from my stomach which I was really hoping for! I have lost fat all over too, maybe not very noticeable on the pictures, but I know that what I wanted, I have achieved.

I have lost 7lb which is on target of the goal I set which was to lose 1-2lb per week max.

Have I done what I set out to do?

I am confident enough to say that I have accomplished what I wanted. I have given myself a lesson with nutrition and I have learnt about food portion sizes and what foods contain certain macros. I have dropped the body fat and I feel good in myself.

What now?

Carry on as I have left off! It’s not the end of the month yet so nothing will change! I will have more fat and carbs in my daily diet and I will try and pack on some good quality muscle over the next few months.

…but am I happy?

When I look back at how far I have come and how many people have dropped out, given up, wanted it but can’t be bothered to do anything about it, I realise just how well I am doing! Does that come over as a bit arrogant? Let’s look at it like this, “You have to learn to love yourself before you can love others”,(Something I learnt from Andrew Coulson) think about it… I did.

I am very happy to say the least. Even if my progress has took much longer than anyone else in the world, I don’t care! I am me and I have never stepped backwards and always tried to better myself whether it be more weight on the bar or better nutrition. I am going in the right direction even if it is slow! I do look around and I see others wishing and wanting, but they make up excuses to not do anything about it.

I never used to be happy when I had to completely change my life.

I gave up;

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Junk food
  • Gave up most of my free time to gain knowledge
  • Gaming (or as good as)
  • and loads more!

I won’t delete any of the above, even if my progress pics are pathetic!

*The following is typed now*

Ok, here are some pictures taken then and now. August 1st on the left, today on the right…

frontside back bicep calf

This is something I stumbled across and is new to me…


I tried!


At least I have something to look back at and compare myself too. I am very happy with my progress mentally and physically too. This is just 28 days and there is a slight improvement. Looking back at my first pictures 3 years ago, I am impressed with what I have accomplished… even if it has taken 3 long years!

new 4 now 2 new 3 chest now

new 5

Keep moving forward, speed is irrelevant right now…


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