New Gym, First Session… 06/01/2014

Tonight was our first session at the new gym.

We went to the gym to get our membership and to get a feel for the place, as-well-as get used to the facilities they have on offer. After signing up we managed to get a little workout in, even though we had the 3 children with us.

The owner, Julian is a very helpful, kind chap that told us to do what we can do with the children being there and that he doesn’t mind the children being with us as long as they behave. This is great to know as we may need this over the holidays etc. We hope to never take the children with us though, as a gym is not the place for children. It just gives us options.

We casually did a bit of chest and biceps tonight. We started on the flat bench press, then the incline chest press and then the pec deck to finish off. We didn’t push hard as we were just getting the feel for the gym at the moment.

Biceps we did some lever bicep curls, dumbbell standing curls and finished on some over head cable curls. All was casual for now.

The gym has a great selection of equipment and a good selection of dumbbells. It’s much better in every possible way compared to my old gym and this is what I really wanted. It was also the first time me and the wife trained together and I felt very confident with her having my back. She also gave me help with a few reps which was also great.

Wednesday is going to be back and triceps. This will be where the significant changes will start to appear in terms of the way we train. It’s a very exciting time for us right now, new gym, training together and lots of new people to get inspiration from.

I hope that over time I can do something for the gym, as well as gaining knowledge from the gym. We are already looking forward to the next session and really cant wait to get in there again!

I will hopefully do a big update Wednesday with a video of the gym etc.

Changes have to be made in order to move forward…


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