First Week At The New Gym (vid)

In short… we love it!

Around 8 months ago I stumbled across a gym that wasn’t too far away from us. I went and enquired about becoming a member in the distant future and knew that I couldn’t sign up until my boy was a bit older. Fast forwarding to the present, I went and enquired about becoming a member and signing up from the first week of 2014.  We went to the gym Monday with the children, signed up and did a bit of chest and biceps.

We have trained there three times now and already feel welcomed and at home. We both love the layout, owner, location, loud music, equipment and the members we have spoke to.

There are a number of reasons I left my old gym and they go as follows;

  • Equipment, the facilities in the new gym are leaps and bounds over what I am used to training with. My old gym was very basic, with a small selection of dumbbells and very limited machines. I did what I needed to do whilst I was there though and now I am able to move on to a bigger and better gym.
  • Wife, the wife is simply fed up of training at home around the children and so we have decided to become training partners and train together at a gym.
  • Size, the new gym is 10 times the size of the old gym, with an incredible amount of equipment compared to the old gym. It has two floors to the new gym and a very good layout too.
  • Music, my old gym never played music as they simply didn’t like it the radio on. I always took my headphones as did my training partner at the time. Problem was when we removed the headphones during sets, it was just silent in there. It was very hard to train without a good bass vibe surrounding me. The new gym has a loud stereo that really gets the blood flowing and forces you to push harder.
  • Competitive gym, the new gym has members there that compete. The owner competes and does personal training sessions as-well-as helps you if you need the help. I want a gym that has members that compete, as that’s what I would like to do one day as my major goal.
  • Open times, the new gym is open 7 days a week giving me more options. My old gym was open Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Don’t get me wrong with my old gym, I love the community there and always have done. I will go up there a lot in the summer to see the guys, I just wont train there as I will be training at the new gym. I really can’t put the old gym down at all, I can just say what is better with the new gym.

Without sounding wrong, I was never really too bothered about leaving my old gym as I have spoke about wanting a bigger and better gym for quite some time. I feel that I will never reach my goal or progress as well as I could unless I found a new gym with better equipment. I know that weights are weights and anything can be done with just the basics, but I had a choice to team up with my wife and join a bigger and better gym.

Sometimes in life decisions have to be made that are very difficult (I know it’s not life or death, but just go with it) figuring out how we could train together without the children was a big discussion point for both of us, as we didn’t know what we could do to get around this. We basically just jumped head first into everything and played the game as it unfolded. Within one week we had all the plans figured out as well as joined the gym.

We could have easily made several excuses to stay the same way as it’s been for years. Life is easy when you do the same thing day in, day out. Reworking the daily routine to allow us to join the gym could have been extremely difficult for us. Fortunately when you really enjoy something and know what you want and love, the mist vanishes and the path becomes clear. We are now on that path and leaving all the excuses behind. We are just doing what we love and will continue to do so.

Yeah, I know this blog post goes on a bit, but I enjoy sitting here some nights hearing my boy snoring and knowing the girls are happily playing with there toys. It gives me time to think and this is what I thought.


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