My Daily Macro Split

Everything here will be changing week by week to suit me. It is also to the best of my knowledge at the moment and the most in-depth and serious I have looked into my daily split. If you are a nutritionist then you will read this and probably tell me it is completely wrong. Please don’t sit back and let that happen. Please drop me a message in the comments section if you can help.

Here is something that I have looked into, nothing is 100% right as I’m learning as I go along.

*I have looked back at my last attempt at cutting and I strongly believe that I was dropping the weight too fast. this time I hope to drop just 1lb per week over the next 4 weeks and then re-evaluate everything again. My target month to drop the body fat is May, I was planning on starting my cut in March. I am giving myself this month to get a step ahead and to also allow a nice slow and steady cut rather than a rapid weight loss which will lead to fatigue and strength loss. At this moment in time, I am using my last cut as an example and taking the good parts from it whilst changing the bad parts. I will weigh myself every Sunday and check where I am. One thing I do know is that I am 100% focused and I will reach my short term goal* – Stay Positive

12 calories per 1 lb body weight for a male. (For cutting)

10 calories per 1 lb body weight for a woman. (For cutting)

  • (Weight) x 12 = Calories per day for a man
  • (Weight = 178lb) x 12 = 2136

2136 calories + 3 hours of light exercise per week = 2400 calories over the day.

2400 to maintain – 200 to cut = 2200 calories per day

My split is 40/40/20

  • 40% Protein
  • 40% Carbs
  • 20% Fat


Daily Protein is 1-1.5g per pound of bodyweight

178lb x 1.5g = 267g per day (I’m going for 250g per day)

  • 1g of Protein has 4 calories*
  • 1g of Fat has 9 calories **
  • 1g of Carbs has 4 calories***

250g protein x 4 calories* = 1000 calories per day


20% of 2200 calories per day = 440 calories / 9** = 48g fat per day.


1000 protein calories + 440 Fat calories = 1440calories.

2200 daily calories – 1440 = 760 / 4*** = 190g per day


  • 1000 calories protein
  • 440 calories fat
  • 760 calories carbs

2200 in total

I will tweak it as I go along, but the main reason for noting this down is the fact that I have had to remember it and study it as I’ve gone along. This helps me remember the equations for working out my daily calories and my marco breakdown. I hope to get all my calories from healthy foods across 6 meals throughout the day.

  • 41g protein per meal¬
  • 8g fat per meal¬
  • 31g carbs per meal¬


I did a test run today to get an idea of my daily macro split. I pre made my meals as I would normally and then weighed them to see how my far my estimation is off the daily macros I have set myself. With the macros I have set myself, I am pleased to say that I have almost got my macro split perfect without needing to use any help from calorie counters/apps etc.



Just because my macro split is almost spot on, my calories show that I am over by a 200 approximately. This is not an issue as I have not put my daily activities into account. I also know that it is not accurate down to the fact that I left some of my dinner. It’s all a rule of thumb that I am learning to understand and I will have it perfect within a few days. I will have it right as I will spend the time to get it right.

I’m going to leave it there for now and I will re check it all again tomorrow and edit it if need be. Do not copy this as it’s for my reference and I’d hate you to copy it and I later find out it’s all wrong. 


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