Fat update…

2 weeks into my better eating and casual cardio…


Skin fold callipers…

  • 11mm
  • 18mm
  • 20mm
  • 14% body fat.

Boots monitor say that my overall weight is the same, yet I’m 1kg down with body fat.

From looking at my old receipts, I have worked out that for every 1% of fat drop, I need to lose 1kg of body fat. If this theory is correct (which it wont be) I need to drop 5kg to get to 10% body fat. I’m going to look very skinny if this happens, but as it’s something I have to do, I will get on with it regardless.

I’ll carry on what I am doing for 2 more weeks and then decide what my plan will be. I am not calorie counting at the moment and have no intention to do so just yet. Too many things in one go may lead to failure, little things at a time makes it easier for me. I never planned on cutting till March anyway.


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