Big Juice Bar – Our Opinions…

web-header-1st wpid-img_20140606_122612.jpg   Our delivery contained the following;

  •  One bottle of Super Veg
  • One bottle of Kale Green
  • 7 servings of Guarana (one per day)
  • 7 servings or Wheatgrass (one per day)

Let’s start with the bottles of Kale Green and Super Veg. wpid-20140619_100340.jpg wpid-20140619_100346.jpg What are they? They are a mixture of organic fruit and veg that are aimed at delivering the highest quality vitamins and minerals to your body, which promote better health and energy. You are less prone to get ill/cold etc when you use these Products. They are important/essential vitamins your body needs every day to stay strong, keep your immune system working well, help fight off illnesses, help you recover faster, energy booster and so on… What do they taste like? I personally find them to taste quite unique and they certainly don’t taste like a delicious smoothie. The whole point of these products is to mix a carefully selected selection of fruit and veg that will fit the requirement needed for an individual to consume at certain times of the day. Personally I wouldn’t enjoy a super veg blend first thing in the morning. I would like something with a bit more boost and taste to get me going. As the day progresses I would enjoy the veg blend much more. Fortunately they cater for all your needs with a wide range of products on the website.     wpid-20140606_122723.jpg I have heard of the name Guarana from the energy drink I used to buy from the local shops. Guarana is similar to caffeine that helps increase mental focus with a physical energy boost naturally, but without the side effects and crash afterwards. The huge difference between a cheap energy drink from the shop and these organic grown fruit is the quality of natural nutrients you will get from these shots. These boxes came in a weekly dose of 7 shots that you can take on a daily basis to give you an energy boost or you can use them as an appetite suppressant which means they can be used as a slimming aid. What did I gain from it? I had a serious energy boost without any side effect such as feeling bloated, sickness, crash afterwards and so on. I had a shot before the gym and it gave me what I expected to get from this product which was a physical and mental boost. I never had a crash during any time using these products or a bad stomach. The energy I found that they delivered to me was not a shaking, blood pumping type of boost, but a more subtle long lasting boost that feel more alive and fresh. wpid-20140606_122730.jpgwpid-20140606_122735.jpg wpid-20140606_122713.jpg

wpid-20140606_122754.jpgThis Wheatgrass is 100% natural and grown in the UK with natural sunlight and organic compost. The main purpose for having Wheatgrass is to be used as part of a detox diet or to revive vitality through periods of illness. Wheatgrass contains over 100 vitamins and nutrients which makes it one of the most nutritional foods you can eat/drink. It’s also helps alkaline the body, which in turn can help prevent the body from storing toxins as it works as a kind of detergent for the body. What did I gain from it? This is hard to say exactly how it has improved my body as I couldn’t feel any direct effect when taking just the one shot. What did the wife gain from it? It picked her up and makes her feel stronger mentally and physically. It makes her feel good because she knows that she is putting goodness into her body. Mentally she feels much better after taking this and hope to continue using it. My wife has always led a healthy lifestyle and tried her best to eat everything organic. She really loves the idea of this because not only does she enjoy having it but it’s a much more easier way to have all the vitamins/nutrients your body needs every day.   wpid-20140606_122744.jpg wpid-20140606_122749.jpgwpid-20140606_122804.jpg   At the BodyPower expo she fell in love with the Acai smoothie they did there. It’s definitely her favourite and supplies a large quantity of the daily nutrients needed from a seriously delicious smoothie drink Overall we are very happy with Big Juice Bar. There is a wide range of different products to use and would recommend them to anyone who wants to get healthy. It is important to include products/food like this in your diet. Thank you Big Juice Bar! Click here to be directed to the Big Juice Bar Website!


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