02/08/2014 Month 2 Check-In…

How do I feel after 2 months of bulking?

  • Stronger
  • Happier
  • Fatter
  • Focused
  • More energy

How much effort have I put in?

Gym wise 100%, diet wise 70%. *to my knowledge*

Why only 70% diet?

Simply because I feel much better mentally and physically when I throw treats into my daily diet. I stick to my meals every 2-3 hours. I just enjoy the bits that make me happy. I also understand that these ‘bit’ also made me fat in the first place.

Why do you have it if it made you fat before?

I eat whatever I want in moderation only. I keep an eye on myself monthly and this is what this post is about. If I see that my body fat has rocketed up, whilst my strength hasn’t changed, then I know I need to re evaluate my junk eating. I am yet to know how my progress is going on paper (during typing this up) I do feel great in myself though.

Below are rough measurements of how my body is today. I will compare this to last month and I will continue to do so for the future. I’m hoping that by monitoring myself month on month, I can see what I need to do to get the best possible outcome with the knowledge I have.

My weight is 4lb down from this time last month, my measurements with the skin fold callipers are the same. I have increased strength in the gym and my measurements have altered in a positive way. I have dropped a tiny bit in the places where I want to be smaller and increased in the majority of places I want to increase in size. (my weight can fluctuate by 6lb in just 12 hours, so 4lb doesn’t mean anything to me as such)

As I have only monitored myself correctly for 2 months, I will get a more accurate reading on the first Saturday in September.



On the evening I like to relax and eat treats. Luckily I can have my treats and still keep a balanced diet thanks to all these high protein snacks on the market. I try to eat every hour for 3 hours before bed, because I enjoy it. After 2 months of eating like this, my body fat has maintained and so I feel happy to do this at this moment in time.


Looking back at my picture at the beginning of the cut when I was a stone heavier and holding much more body fat, I can see that the majority of my measurements are very similar in size. I am much stronger now in a bodybuilding sense and a stone lighter.

Looking back at the picture at the end of my cut I can see that I have put on a bit of size since then. This is going to be quite obvious though as I am now carrying much more body fat. I am incredibly stronger than then and again that is normal as I was on a very strict cutting diet and depleted.

Putting them both together and looking at my measurements now. I feel that I am progressing in the right direction. Without keeping all this information, I wouldn’t even think that I’ve changed since the very start.


wpid-20140802_103725.jpgLast month can be found here.



I’m just looking back at my measurements back in December 2012. I noted down how much bigger my measurements were compared to a few months before. I also believed that my weight had increased and so did my muscle. This wasn’t true as I was simply holding more fat which gave the illusion that I was growing muscle. Clearly It was just fat that was making the measurements bigger.

I use my stomach measurement as a rough guide now. If my stomach measurement is getting smaller then I know my body fat is decreasing. As my stomach is the last place to lose my fat I can get a better reading of my overall measurements.

  • At 21% body fat and 13.8 stone I had 37 inch waist and 15inch bicep.
  • At 11% body fat and 11.12 stone I have 31 inch waist with 14.5 inch bicep.


These are all just reference posts from me and yes I am learning as I go along.


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