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Hi! George here, I have decided the time is right to take my interest, passion and lifestyle to the next level. I have set up and redesigned a complete new social media experience to interact, share knowledge, experience and my interests with you. I’m still very early into what I hope to achieve, but as I have already been doing it on my personal account, I’m hoping to continue it and progress on this side as I go along. There’s no better time than the present to start and so here it is. The beginning of an end to WolvosGamer and WolvosWorkouts as far as my health and fitness media goes. Health and HIT are 2 things I associate myself with. I have a developing passion for my health over everything and I am doing that through a clean plant based diet. The other is High Intensity Training, which I have surrounded myself with from the start of my serious journey. These two things combined, are my main focus points in my future journey. My goal now is to interact with people and gradually take on clients that are just as intrigued in changing their mind and body as I am. I understand it will not be easy and that’s fine. Nothing worth having comes easy! Thanks for the support! George #healthandhit #fitness #diet #gym #motivation #goals #aims #transformation #mindset #bodybuilding #crossfit #fit #healthy #food #health #training #weights #motivational

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