Sunday Morning Jog?!

How did it go?

The majority of last nights relaxing time was spent having a natter with Jay
about the importance of cardiovascular exercise to keep the heart strong whilst lifting weights.

I had it all planned out that I would get up early this morning and get on the treadmill before the kids wake up. This didn’t happen. The bab was up all night coughing and I don’t think we managed to string an hours sleep together. This has caused me to feel completely shattered this morning as well as aching from my workout Friday.

Parents/carers know how hard kids are to look after and mixing it with work and exercise, it’s just a bad recipe.

What am I trying to say?

You know what, fuck it! I’m doing it! Nice walk on the treadmill…

Excuses are for people who already have their mind set on quitting!!!


How’s about that then. I motivated myself whilst writing my own blog! Granted I only did a mile, but that got me sweating. Im fully awake now too, ready to start the day.

Mind over matter…


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