Excuses End in Failure.

This blog is going to be aimed at you… (The ones on the fence)

I have a serious passion for lifting weights. I go to the gym religiously, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday for one intense hour and Tuesdays and Thursdays I do abs at home. I have been so determined to stick to my routine that I often have to make life changes. With work, three children and a wife, I have responsibilities.

I have only missed one gym session in the last year and that was down to us being ill. I never missed any time off over Christmas and I even went early morning Boxing Day to get my fix. There have been many other difficult times that have caused me serious dilemmas, such as driving 100 mile home for a funeral and then to go the gym afterwards. I also went down with a chronic stomach ache a few weeks back that left me completely starved for 24 hours, but the next day I still went to the gym.

Now here’s the thing. On a daily basis I have people telling me how they used to lift weights and how they wish they could get back into it, BUT they make up any possible excuse to keep themselves away from following their dreams. (I say dreams as people use the phrase , I wish)

Here are several excuses that we can all make, to keep us from following our dreams. Kids, partner, tired, work, TV, gaming, aching, cost, weather, have a beer and chill etc. This is ridiculous!

Let’s look at the opposite side of the spectrum. Get fit, healthy, quit smoking, set a good example to children, get stronger, feel confident, better sex life, feel proud, meet new people, live longer, push past your limit, lose fat and so on.

I have gavin up everything in the last 2 years to follow my dream. I have given up smoking,  alcohol and I don’t take drugs. I will add that I do experience drugs, but these are produced by me and called endorphins. No drug is as harmless and natural as endorphins. Once you experience this buzz, you don’t need other drugs.

Let me be honest with you all. I find it extremely difficult posting pictures or videos of myself on here, but I’m genuine and people can follow my progress from the perspective of a new weigh lifter. Rather than a 20+ year experience bodybuilder that has good genetics and an extremely, sport active life.

So, what’s your excuse? Buy some cheap dumbbells and start slowly. I used two litre bottle full of sand to start. It was funny back then, but I was that determined and serious about what I want to become. I will hit my goals one day and I will do it naturally.

Excuses are for losers

(I understand that some things in life can seriously mess you up. I am referring to the people who are wanting to, have time to, but just need a push to do it)


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