Friday 16/11/12

Tonight I try and do triceps and legs. I usually start with a flat bench press then narrow grip bench, dips and i finish with tricep push downs. I almost got my 7 reps of 190lb on the flat bench, which is my big aim, but again I failed. I’m determined to hit 8 reps by the end of the year and I will push myself and train myself the best I can to do so. My first aim for the year was 220lb, I can hit that all the time now and have managed 2 reps. My personal best for one rep has now gone to 235lb which is amazing, since I was dreaming of a 220lb by the end of the year.

Onto legs and on to squats. I tried several different ways of squatting tonight. In the cage, out the cage, facing the other way and so forth. I’ve found that my happy place is outside the squat cage and with spotters.

I managed 8 reps of 100kg tonight and kept pushing until I hit a new personal best of 140kg (previous PB was 130kg). I’m very happy with this and I can say that I’m pleased with my progress.

I’m trying to put half a stone on at the moment, although I am really struggling. My weight won’t budge from 13stone even though I am eating like a horse.

Lets see what next week brings


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