I always blog my progress and leave the bad sessions out. Now it’s time to add some negatives to my blog and why it isn’t all good.

I have a phenomenal end to 2012 and I knew I couldn’t keep it up in January, but I didn’t realise just how poor and depressing it could be (If I let it). Cutting out all the Christmas food has caused me to lose a lot of strength, building a PC and the general ‘after Xmas’ feeling has knocked everything out of me.

I have still done my best in every workout and I haven’t missed or put off any workout sessions at all. I have been left questioning myself to why I put my body through all this stress and pain.

For example, I had a very intense leg session Friday and my legs are still in bits today and probably will be till mid week. I’m not even talking about slight muscle ache, I’m talking about severe muscular ache. I would love to say that it’s ‘that good ache’ that you get after an intense workout, I can’t say that though. The pain is not good, it’s horrible. Standing up is a chore in itself.

Negatively, the gym and the pain you go through is not good. No one should enjoy the pain during a workout, especially when your spotters are tickling the bar when you are pressing it and you have hit fatigue so badly that you cannot physically push the bar and the lactic acid build up is so horrible, you feel violent and evil. Negativity!

Here’s what I have been asking myself;

  • Why go through the pain and discomfort for the tiny little gains I get?
  • What’s the point when I could be sitting at home chilling, having a beer and pizza like I used to?
  • Why go to the gym and stress myself out when I can just lounge?
  • Why have a stupid diet when you can have chocolate, chips and other junk food?

I still can’t see a difference in my body from when I was clinical obese. My mind has a negative effect on my body and this is why I use this blog to record my progress. The figures can do the talking rather than me feeling negative about not progressing visually.

And then I have to do what everyone has to do when they are aiming to hit a goal. Pull myself together, get a grip and work to achieve something special and something that not everyone can do. My life has always been about being fat and lazy. Drinking beer and causing mischief.

Here’s what I have to know to help me focus and achieve what others can’t;

  • I have gave up drinking, smoking, drugs and I eat reasonably healthy now.
  • My kids are proud of me and say, “wow dad, you’re strong”. (Amazing feeling)
  • A MUCH healthier lifestyle.
  • Compliments from others.
  • Making gains.
  • A life target.
  • The summer.

Here’s the other side to the above about the pain.

When lifting heavy, feeling the pump and getting the buzz from your endorphins kicking in, it is incredible. Lifting that bar whilst fatigued, although determined, allows an incredible feeling that you are pushing your body though a barrier that shouldn’t be possible. Getting a new personal best is so uplifting and better than anything else.

Just typing this blog out now and thinking about the future and what I want to achieve has gave a boost and focus that easily. Typing the above and leaving this note for myself is even better as I will laugh at this next month after pushing myself hard. I want gains, sitting here talking to myself is the easy option… I am doing my Sunday morning sit ups.

*shortly after*

Wicked, that’s done and now I can chill.

Something as silly as this post has gave me some fuel, now it’s about getting the fire back…

I’m not even reading back through this post, no need to, it all seems stupid already!



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