BodyPower Expo 2013

I had a message off the wife today saying she had ordered some VIP tickets to the Body Power Expo 2013. I wasn’t expecting this and I wasn’t exactly sure what it was all about. A quick Google to find the official site and I was in my glory!

If you are unsure what it is here’s a quick run down from what I now understand it to be.

In short it is a Sport, Fitness and Nutrition Expedition at the NEC Birmingham.

There will be several categories of different aspects to sport. There will be Bodybuilders such as, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Phil Heath and many more

There will also be Stongman there, which means I will get to see the giants such as Brian Shaw, Mark Felix, Zydrunas Savicas and many more.

The two above are the ones that really excite me, although I am interested in all the categories of fitness and sport.

More athletes can be found here.

This is a massive opportunity for me and the wife to see some of the world leading athletes working out and we may even be able to get some photos taken with them too. We are very excited, even though we know we are still new to the fitness world.

This also means that I need to focus on cutting and gaining strength in the time up to it.

I can’t wait!!!!


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