Just Weighting… (updated)

Health and HIT

I am just waiting to get myself weighed when we go out in a hour. I have not tried to drop the body fat this week, I have just continued as I left off. I know I’m close and I know I’m getting there, regardless to what a few numbers say on the scales. (Insurance sentence until I accomplish my goal) I have tried to drop below 15% before by starving myslef and thinking I’m doing it right.


Here’s part 1 –


Part 2 –

I am very happy with my accomplishment! This goal has been something I have tried to work towards for well over 5 years. I would certainly be confident to say that I have never been under 15% in my adult life and maybe even through my teens. I have tried several ways of dieting before and I have always failed, often quite drastic…

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