New Year, New Gym, New Goals…

I have been going to my gym for around two and half years. I think it’s time to move onwards and join a gym that will help me progress forward. I’ve located a gym that is 6 miles away (12 minutes away). The gym has every piece of equipment that I would ever need. On top of that, there are bodybuilders there that compete and also personal training sessions are available buy.

This gym has all the facilities that I need. The other big change that will happen is being able train three times a week with my wife. Me and my wife will join forces and push each other forward. I hope that we can both make a positive impact on the gym over time too.

I never even thought of leaving my gym until me and the wife had a discussion about stepping up her game. She only trains at home and it is very difficult to make any real progress when she trains at home. Moving onto a gym will make a massive impact on her training and should build her strength up faster, as well as learning from the gym environment.

It will be great to have people surrounding us that can help us and we can help back. The first few months will be about learning the new gym, learning to train with each other and getting to know the folk there. It’s always difficult leaving a place that you are very fond of, but changes have to happen if goals want to be achieved. I personally don’t feel that there will be a better, more inspiring gym in this area and so I will do my best to progress onwards along with my wife.

2014 is already shaping up to be a very good year fitness wise with lots of things going on. I will blog about these things as I go along. It’s all about following your dreams and doing what you love. This is going to be a massive change for us both, but we love it.

Positive changes…


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