Supplement GAINS…

I know a lot of people slate supplements for not working due to one reason or another. The thing I find is that supplements work much better when you have the other pieces of the puzzle in place. Using supplements with a good body building diet* and intense training has shown me just how effective supplements really can be.

I have had supplements in the past that I have slated for my lack of understanding of how to use them, when to use them and what else is involved with using them. I now have a good diet which allows me to feel energetic, strong and it’s keeping my body fat relatively low and steady. The last time my body fat was like this I was doing 20kg hack squats, 40kg iso row, 60kg bench press, 160kg leg press, 30kg H/S pull downs. Now I am doing 100kg hack squats, 105kg iso row, 90kg bench press, 320 leg press and 60kg pull downs for reps. I am also feeling alive and full of energy on a daily basis!

My supplement stack is as follows;

Morning – Multi vitamins and vitamin C (General health supps)
Protein – Tempro Protein in breakfast and after training.
Pre Workout – NOX Pump for a crazy energy boost, focus and strength boost
Intra Training – DYnamino to help recover during training
After Training – Creagen first (and protein straight after in a separate taking)
Night Time – GH Blast for a deep sleep and muscle recovery
Fat burner – Black Bombs for when I do cardio


I am very happy with my progress, my mood and training at the moment. I am making strength gains week on week and I can see the appeal of never wanting to lose the strength progression. I can add more calories into my diet if needed, although I feel that what I am doing now is right. I’ve spent years finding out how my body works through trial and error and I genuinely think that I am starting to get to grips with it now.

Having a great gym to train in is also a big reason I am progressing. Being able to train with my wife and not feeling afraid of shouting during my sets allows me to give it my all. I know I am still at the beginning of this never ending journey, but I also know that I have a much better understanding of myself.

I actually felt like I was achieving something when I looked in the mirror this week. Granted I chose the best lighting to look at myself in. I had an issue with my noticeably weaker body parts being my lats and traps, I think I am training them much more intense now and from what I saw, they are growing slowly. It’s all a time game any way, so progress is good, regardless to the speed I progressing at.







*To my knowledge


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