Cheat Days…?


My strength has gone up over the weeks and this is great, but I’m not feeling like my mind is in the game. It’s difficult to explain what I mean. It’s a similar feeling to when I cut and was low on carbs/fats…

My diet has been consistently good’ish’ for quite sometime now and I think that is the problem. I listen to my body and I respond to how it feels and feed it accordingly. I don’t do cheat days as I just don’t feel that I need them at the moment. However, I think it is very important for me to have a a few days of eating much more general food. I have added some seeded baps, burgers, hash browns to my diet in hope for a noticeable increase with my head in the gym.

I’m not having a spontaneous pig out for the hell of it. I’m quite sure I need to do this for my body. I have no cravings or anything other signs that I have to have some different foods in my diet, but this is something I need to do and monitor to see what happens.

I had a burger, hash browns, waffles and so on last night and only increased my calories by 450 from what I normally have and my macros were around right too. I think I am around a good body fat to allow myself to pig out a bit. I don’t see the point in having a one off cheat meal and so I’m having 2 days of eating different foods to my standard diet.

These are also the days that are after back day and before quad day. I will monitor how my mind to muscle connection is tomorrow in the gym and go from there. It will also be good to see how my body looks after a good fill up with different foods.

I try to keep a standard decent diet that I have tailored for myself over a few years of trial and error. The reason I’m blogging this is so that I have to think about what I’m doing for my improvements, rather than just pigging out because someone said I have got to have a cheat meal.

Some people wait to the weekend for a cheat meal and that’s what I will do when I cut if I desperately need to, otherwise I do it when I feel my body is asking me for it. I also know the difference between NEEDING something and being lazy or bored.



After a good 48 hours of pigging out on burgers, waffles etc I hit the gym. The question I need to ask myself is, did it make a difference and was it worth while? My answer is probably yes, but I don’t want to be eating mass amounts of white baps and other junk that doesn’t agree with me personally.

The more important question is, what do I want from the sport? the answer is difficult, but the first and most important thing to consider is the amount of fat I carry daily. Until I have competed on stage and got a base for myself to beat the following year, I really don’t see why I can’t just enjoy the journey relatively lean.

I’m sure I could put on much more size if I ate like a pig for 10 months, but I want to stay lean as I’ve had enough of carrying excess fat.

As I am natural, I believe that I have to work off everything that I put in my body with no help from enhancements which help you to burn body fat.  I need to enjoy my journey and this is how I chose to do it at the moment.

Clean diet, train the best I can to the knowledge I have whilst enjoying it and monitor how my body reacts to what I do.

Final note…

Pigging out when I NEED to is the way I need to do it. I will work with my body and adjust my diet accordingly. I could quite easily get addicted to this type of food and that’s what I’m most afraid of. I have control over myself now though and I won’t let myself go the other way…



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