11/09/2016 – Temple Gym Group Up

With short notice, we decided to have a meet up down Temple Gym last Sunday. A small gathering of 5 of us got together for a back and biceps group session. I’ve never trained in a group before and I really enjoyed it. I couldn’t train like it all the time as it seems counter productive, yet a few sessions a year like this is great! The lads were buzzing and getting behind each other, allowing a little bit of ego training due to the buzz of everyone shouting at you and pushing you on.

Here’s a few phone pics we took during the session.

Cheers, Darren, Christie, Andy, Jamie and the lads at Temple Gym for making us feel welcome.


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Mid December I’m hoping to get a group of like minded folk together down Temple Gym for a training session and general banter AND FOOD! The date is to be confirmed, although I plan on it being the weekend before or after the 13th. Drop me a message on Facebook if you’re interested…


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